Friday, July 31, 2009

FFF #14

The Jedi's Slave - Relief

Lunch was outside – the delightful temperature and cloudless sky provided the perfect backdrop for a diplomatic event. They were unused to the intensity of the sunlight so both the Ordelian ambassador and his wife wore oversized straw hats. Lara thought that Jar Gon was right – they were orange, ugly, and had big heads.

“Please – honor us by sitting at our table”

The ambassador spoke formally, with what once might have been called German precision.

“I... uh... would rather stand”

Lara unconsciously rubbed her bottom. The wife smiled, but the ambassador broke out in laughter.

“So, Jar Gon – you have been trying out the culture of our small planet. And did you find it satisfactory?”

“Yes, ambassador – the constant challenge is gone”

Lara felt her face redden.

“Come, dear – let us leave the men to their politics”

Lara followed her inside to a very feminine room. Angaa sat, reached into a small chest and extracted a crystal bottle.

“Come here. Let us see what he's done to you”

Lara lay across her lap, felt herself bared.

“Oh my – those are nasty welts. Let's see if this helps”

Lara looked back as she poured a liquid in her palm, and began rubbing it in. The pain evaporated instantly – accompanied by feelings of arousal. She never had feelings like that around women.

“By the way, dear. There is one side effect”

The hands continued massaging her bottom.

“It produces the strongest orgasms”

Lara took a deep breath, the cries beginning in her throat


vanimp said...

Oh my where can I get me some of this?!?! Nice usuage of the words this week :)

grailseeker said...

I've really been enjoying your erotic takes on the SW universe. This story is no exception. Well done.

Casey Morgan said...

Tantalizingly creative, esp. in the use of the wildcards. Also hottttt.