Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sensual Stories - July 21 version


Sleep came hard.
I turned and twisted
all night
until I found my favorite memory
dreaming of silky things,
crossing hot thighs
your scent
your skin
your hair
your cries as I touched you

We played for hours
with no care but ourselves
Passion - God yes, passion beyond my dreams
and yours as well
till we lay together
exhausted in the wetness of love

Your face - your face, eyes closed
So real but

I shook
Came awake with a start
Oh God, not again
I have to wake up
And you will be gone



Submitted to the #journalling game - first crack at this

1 comment:

Casey Morgan said...

No need to warn me off this one. I know it all to well. Thus, I can say, it's true.