Monday, August 31, 2009

MicroFantasy Monday #43

Passion's Symphony

Your body plays
The sweetest sounds
When you can no longer
Stifle them
And your head flies back
So far in passions grasp
You lose the demure pose
You present to everyone else

For me
And me alone
This voice
This music plays
As love's liquids flow
Down my fingertips
The perfect perfume accompaniment
To the joy in your closing eyes

Your softness twists and turns
As sounds reach a crescendo of

Your sounds become
Till they are no longer sounds
But the stillness of breath
Waiting for the next symphony

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Alone Tonight

Without limit
It is all within my head
I think
But why does it feel so real
Like there is nothing
To keep me up here

Don't listen to the sirens
They call you
Into a depth of blackness
You didn't know was there
They take you from
Your reality
Into theirs

All that brought you joy
Solarizes to pain
And the pain
To pleasure
Until your sanity
Slowly drips away
Because your not sure
What is good for you
And what is bad

There is a dark side
To us all
And when it can
It comes
It is strong enough
To overcome life itself

I'm sane enough to
Go to work tomorrow

I think...

I hope...

Friday Flash Fiction #18

The Jedi's Slave: Advocate

The tone on the communications module interrupted Lara's tears, which thus far had continued like raindrops. Jar Gon glared at it, then at her, reached up to key the message as she melted into silence. The face of the Jedi Council secretary appeared.

"Sir Jar Gon, your presence is requested at an immediate meeting of the Council. It is further requested that you bring..."

She paused, clearly not wanting to be disrespectful to a superior.

"... your slave girl Lara with you"

"Is this really necessary? We have business to attend to of the highest importance"

Lara suppressed the urge to start crying again.

"I'm afraid those are my directions. If you wish me to tell the Council..."

Again she paused.

"No, that wont be necessary. We'll be there as quickly as we can."

The link was shut down, and Jar Gon busied himself with reprogramming their destination in the autocar's nav system.

"Don't think you get away with anything"

His voice was still angry. They were silent for the rest of the trip.


As they ascended to the top of the building where the Jedi Council met, Lara was startled to sense a number of conversations. One thread, dominated by a fairly young voice, was arguing against the right of a Jedi to have a slave of any type. Several older voices were raised against him, but his arguments made up in volume what they lacked in fact. She realized with a start that they were speaking of Jar Gon's and her relationship.

A second thread questioned what she was and how she could be a member of the sisterhood when she was a human.

Yet a third questioned whether or not she could be a loyal citizen if she was a member of the sisterhood.

It was easy for her to maintain a knowledge of all three of the threads. She sensed Jedi (she assumed they were Jedi - who else could they be?) moving between the threads, sometimes speaking, sometimes not. She was curious - she had always had the ability of knowing what others thought, but it had never been quite like this. She could as well have been in the room listening to them speak.

At last they arrived - she followed Jar Gon into the council chambers. She looked around. Immediately she was able to identify the members she had sensed, as well as a group of other Jedi, younger, clearly not a part of the council. It was an eerie feeling. She sat on the floor at Jar Gons feet, considering the possibiliities. She looked up at him - he was deep in thought, obviously wondering how to deal with the situation. She tugged at his cloak.

"Master, may I have your permission to speak"

"Huh? Yes of course" he responded, not really paying attention.

So like a man, she thought. She rose, slowly walked across the floor. As the only woman in the room, she knew, sensed, that all were looking at her. She stood before the leader, bowed, and asked his permission to speak. His gaze travelled thoughtfully over her body. She sensed his curiousity.

"Yes, Lara, speak you may"

"Thank you Sir"

She turned slowly, facing them all...


"Know This, Jedi. I come to you as a free woman, a citizen of this Republic. As a free woman, I have certain rights..."

She paused.

A young voice rose

"Why must we listen to her. She has no standing here..."

She turned to the leader.

"I have your permission to speak, Sir. Must I have his also?"

"Of course not. Ben Kor, silent you will be. Listen. Something you might learn"

"Thank you Sir. As I say, I have certain rights. One of those rights is to give myself in whatever way I wish to whomever I wish. It may be to the person I love, to the person who loves me, the best of course is both. I may give myself as a slave to Sir Jar Gon. If I choose to do that, if I make him my master, it is not because he took anything. He did not take me as a slave. I have thought of him since I first saw him at fourteen. And I determined then that he would be mine. As much as I would be his. He had no choice - I was thrust upon him. Those of you who are married, or have concubines, know that when a woman determines she will have something, you had best not get in her way. We will have what we want"

She paused - a gentle chuckle passed around the room as each man considered his experiences.

"Before I ever started, I researched the matter of Jedi and slave girls. It was common for hundreds of years. That it changed recently was custom, not law. That it changes back is custom as well. There is nothing to prevent me from offering myself to him as his slave, and nothing preventing him from accepting as my master"

She paused. She could sense assenting thoughts around the room. The young one still was angry - she wasnt sure why - but she knew she had the rest of them.

"As to my being a member of the sisterhood, yes I am."

She heard the expected gasp, paused for a second.

"I did not seek this. I did not desire it. It was as thrust upon me as I was on my Master. It has allowed me to understand much - it is a different way than the force, but it is powerful just so. It is a linkage between species and races that we don't now have. It allows us connection in a different way, a different goal. I realize that it may be frightening to you because only females may be members, but then there are few female Jedi either."

She paused, again getting a wave of small chuckles.

"It happened as a result of my status as a slave girl, and it was an important part of the relationship we have with the Ordelians. I have thought about this much, and I have come to the conclusion that it was not an accident. That it was intentionally manipulated to provide an additional way for them to reach us. I believe that this should be allowed to continue, and I urge you not to interfere. That this has happened to me, part of a Jedi's household was no error, no accident. There will be others, I'm sure."

She stopped, deciding how best to continue.

"It has forced me into a place of deciding how much to share with my Master. There are things which we, as members of the sisterhood, need to keep to ourselves. I made a mistake and was not honest with him. For that mistake, after we leave here, I will be punished. But for the future, you must suggest the laws that allow women who become part of the sisterhood to keep those secrets they must. Other women - your wives, daughters, concubines - must not be placed in the same position. For make no mistake, I have no doubt, they will be."

She sensed them considering her words. That was the best she could do.

"Finally, I must state in the strongest terms possible that I am a loyal citizen of this republic, Nothing, not even the sisterhood, could change that. Thus far I have seen nothing that makes me feel that they want that. Should that change, I will be here to give you warning if you wish. But I do not expect that. You must accept that any human woman who becomes part of the sisterhood will stay loyal, caring, and a part of our world. She will be enhanced, not diminshed."

Again she sensed that she had their assent. Now they must act accordingly.

"Thank you, Jedi for listening to my words"

The leader stood and walked to her, took her hand.

"Lara - thank you for your words. Much you have given us to consider."

She bowed, turned and returned to sit at Jar Gon's feet.

He whispered in her ear.

"So why in the hell aren't you a lawyer. You make a good one. How did you guess exactly what to say, what to argue"

She knelt up, whispered in his ear.

"Master I could sense all their arguments on the way up the building as if they were talking to me. There were three main groups talking..."

He looked at her sharply

"You could separate all three? That is hard for me to do"

She laughed.

"Of course Master - they were transparent. It is no different than fixing your dinner while deciding what to wear to seduce you while thinking about the bills..."

She stopped at the expression in his face.


He stood and walked to the leader, bent down, and whispered in his ear. She saw much nodding.
Jar Gon returned.

"Come with me. I want you to take a few tests..."


Yes, it is late. Let me tell you about my Saturday. I spent much of the day with four women in the family driving down to San Diego to visit a member of the family (younger than I, which always gets to you) who is dying of cancer. It is likely that for most of us this will be the last visit. So it was not a really good day. The schedule got me back to Marina Del Rey at around 5 pm, plenty of time to finish my Friday piece.

Then, imagine our surprise when we get a cell call from another family member who stayed home. It seems the Station Fire has changed direction. We now have a cousin and her daughter in the car who are at the edge of the mandatory evacuation zone. Whoops. We head home (from 90 minutes away) full tilt boogie. Oh, and we have to stop once to pick up cars from our central meeting point.

We separate. I offer my apartment as a place to stay. It is grateully accepted, since almost no where (except the evacuation animal shelters) will accept a dog, which, by the way, is in the back yard of the house. We are heading towards the 210 when I start hearing a lot of scanner traffic. Some idiot is on the overpass ready to jump, so they shut down the 57. It takes forever to get to an off ramp, longer yet to figure out which way to go to get to the freeway I want. The rest of the way I listen to the helo pilots and fixed wing aircraft coordinating their drops, and the ground guys trying to work up the hill. Finally we get there.

At least the street isnt barricaded. It looks major - fire trucks all over, the flames clearly visible - maybe a mile away, and coming down the mountain. Most people headed out, cars packed full. Spectators driving in (this is LA, remember), standing around in groups of 50 with still cameras and video's on tripods. We get there, the women run in and (as far as I know) packing and conferring. I stay in the car because the smoke hurts my damaged lungs. I wait. And I wait. Finally, I give up and go in.

The mother and daughter have decided that NOW is the time to tear into each other about issues dating back to childhood. NOW? I'm tempted to backhand both of them and send them to their cars, but I guess they have to work it out. But now? After a couple of "I cant stay in the same house with her" I give up - I'm having a hard time breathing, always a fun experience. Finally we leave. We get home close to 11, and start watching the news to see how much worse its getting.

So no, I couldnt get it done last night.


This is one of the few cases where I had to go over 250 words. I dont know of any way to break up a soliloquy without it coming across reading stupid, so I had to let the whole thing out. Next week, I promise, 250 or less.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Midweek Missed Connections #8

Did you ever miss being submissive to a true Goddess? - w4w - 23 (at my feet)

If that is the case, and you feel you could truly be on the obedient side, then here is your chance to finally find out how obedient you can be!

It's just one little email away!


Marie had read the posting – she couldn't believe it. Exactly what she needed – a woman who would dominate her. She wondered how the “obedient side” would be handled. She hoped with discipline. She waited in the hall at the museum nervously. Their brief email exchange had directed her to be here, now. She was dressed as she was told – no point in getting off on the wrong foot.

A tall woman walked across the large, nearly empty room, stilletto heels clicking in the silence. She was an imposing figure, much taller and better dressed than Marie even though younger.

”You are Marie?”


She frowned.

“Yes Ma'am”

Marie looked down.

“Yes Ma'am”

“You realize that behavior like that will get you spanked, young lady.”

Marie turned beet red. She hadn't expected to be corrected in public.

“Yes Ma'am”

“Well there's no time like the present. Come with me. We'll attend to your rudeness”

She grabbed Marie's elbow and walked her to the ladies room.

“You mean... Now? Here?”

“You did agree to be disciplined as I saw fit didn't you?”

Marie nodded.

The woman pulled a hairbrush from her purse.


Desire and fear competed as she bent over. Perhaps she had made a mistake. It was too late to do anything about it.


Late - week has continued being chaotic.

Again I found a real CL post that I liked. I had mentally worked out the storyline, and was thinking about how a W4W most would be worded that would fit in. I was floored when this one was the 3rd post when I looked it up a while ago. Good timing, I guess...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

MicroFantasy Monday #42


Do not ask of me
What you do not want to hear
Simply accept
That you are the one
I have loved others, yes
But none that stir me
As you do

Our words
Our disagreements
Our great fights
These only say
That close as we are
We're not the same

We come back
Mending our hearts
Easing our pain
Back to caring
After a time
Holding each other

So do not question me
And I'll not attack you
With my answers


This is late - the last few days have been more chaotic than usual, including. as is perhaps obvious
a silly arguement.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Flash Fiction Friday #17

The Jedi's Slave: Dread

They drove through the sunshine, Lara’s head on his shoulder, admiring the smile on his face.

“That was quite a history lesson, Master”

“Yes, it was interesting. Another time we will visit the halls of the founding fathers”

They passed bronze statues that belonged in museums, weathered men returning with their catch of fish..

“Many citizens of the world looked much like them back then. By the way, what did you and Angaa talk about?”

“Oh, just girl talk, Master”

"Did she discuss rosewater with you?”

Lara jumped. She’d been told that she must keep the secret from men, yet how could she keep a secret from Master? Angaa, how could you do this to me.

She took a breath, decided a little lie wouldn’t hurt.

“No Master. What is that?”

He was quiet for a time.

“Lara, what are the rules for a submissive”

“Master, she must be Respectful”






“She must be truthful”

“And what if she is not truthful”

“Oh God”, she thought. “He knows. I don’t know how, but he knows.”

“Master your submissive will get a whipping. A severe one”

His voice began low, but it rose in intensity to sound like thunder.

“Did you think I would go to another world as an ambassador without knowing every detail of the people?”

“No Master, but…”

“Did you think I would not know their customs?”

“No Master..”

She started to cry from his voice.

It was a long quiet ride home.


Flash Fiction Friday courtesty of @caseydamnmorgan. See her writeup and other participants at

Friday, August 21, 2009


I perch on a stool
In the corner
My leather jacket perfect
For a cool Seattle evening
My beret and my goatee
Establish my committment
My buddy on bongos to my left
And my scrawny girlfriend to my right
Wrapped around me to keep away
The surburban matrons who have come to hear
The new beatnik poet

They file in after the art film has
Raised their consciousness
And bored their husbands
Who just want a good martini
Instead of a tamarind
Or fourteen varieties of tea

I wrap myself around an espresso
As foreign to them
As marijuana
And perhaps as needed
The old fat greek who runs the house
Says a few words of introduction
Pops the lights
And I begin
Holding a blank page
For I know everything I will say
By heart

My paean to love
And unbridled sexual coupling
Elicits gasps
From the men
Because they're hoping
And from the women
Because they're feeling
Down deep inside
The knowledge
That it could be better

Scant months before
(For such is the timescale when you're seventeen)
A mature woman
At least thirty
Had snatched my virginity
Casually teaching me what passion
Was truly about
I never forgot her
Though I never knew her real name

I finish
And elicit a small applause
Which I am perfectly willing to take
To my heart.
They finish their drinks
And the tiny little pastries
While I drain my
Supercharged coffee
On the house
That was part of the deal
I kick over my Triumph
While they slip into their Country Squires
The men curious
And the women wet
Hoping that somehow
They will be understood


My thanks to @thepinkpoppet for a chat session in which she reminded me of this era in my life. Yes, I was really there. Then. I wouldn't have missed it for the world...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Midweek Missed Connections #7

redhead with haircut i'm jealous of riding a white bike - w4m - 24 (bike trail north of manhattan beach)

I said hi, that's what I do. You said something back that I can't remember but I'm pretty sure it was moderately sexy sounding.

It's possible that you're adorable. Just thought you should know.


Thanks – I thought you were pretty cute yourself. Those were pretty short shorts.

Ohh – you DID notice me.

Will you be there tomorrow?

Every morning at nine

OK – See you.


The next morning they rode together. He let her lead, but she couldn't outrun him, try though she might. On the downhill right after the hilltop the bike got away from her, and she couldn't make it around the corner. Girl and bicycle were tangled in a heap as he gently braked to a stop. He dropped his bike and lifted her off the gound, extracting her from the battered metal. She hadn't realized how strong he was until she saw how effortless it was for him – she wrapped her hand around his arm, surprised at the tight muscles.

She was trying not to cry – silly but it had really hurt when she fell. He carried her over to a bench and sat down with her in his lap. He held her, then lifted her chin so she was looking up into his eyes.

“You better be more careful – I'd hate to lose you after I just found you”

She snuggled up, wondering where this could go.


Aha - another CL post in the desired venue. Will this madness ever end?

This is a submission for Midweek Missed Connections - for more details see

Sensual Stories - August 19th


A long tunnel
Flashing through
Heading back to you
My week is through
The chains broken
That keep me away
For days on end
Golden chains
But chains none the less.

The ranches slip by, unnoticed
Your face in my mind
Your voice in my ears
The memory of softness from years past was
On my fingertips
As if you were here
In the cockpit with me

Life on the road
Has kept us apart
Way too much
Way too long
Way too often
So now
Though I'm coming to you
I miss you terribly.

Hours together
Refreshing memories
Holding you
Looking through
The window to your soul
And hoping you keep me in your heart
Till I come back
And then it is time

A long tunnel
Flashing through
Wiping my eyes
Your face in my mind


These are submitted to the #journalling game.

See for other people's work.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Microfantasy Monday #41

Country Girl

Your hands
Are not the soft hands of a model
White hands that caress keyboards
Pampered hands of leisure

Your hands
Have carried babies
Remodeled houses
Planted roses

Your hands
Tanned from building
And golf

Are strong
When you swing a hammer
Lay tile
Cut lumber
Creating something that wasn't there before

Are gentle
When I reach over in the morning
And run my fingers along them
And watch you smile
As you wake

They are beautiful hands
I have loved them all these years

I hope I have many more

Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Flash Fiction #16

The Jedi's Slave: Retrospection

Jar Gon held her arm as they stood with the ambassador and Angaa waiting for their ride. His status entitled them to military transportation and, as usual, it was late. The day’s beautiful sunlight turned to rain and, once the car arrived, the young crewman held an umbrella to keep them dry, though he himself was showered on. They settled back in the seat, wiping wetness off their shoes onto the carpet.

“I have a surprise for you tomorrow” he whispered in her ear.

She was puzzled.


“We have found an ancient archeology site, from the civilization before the civilization before the civilization before ours – we shall tour it”

She smiled inside – Jedi loved to build complicated sentences.

“Yes, Master. I’m sure I shall enjoy it”

She spent the night watching his body rise and fall with his breathing, trying to understand all she had learned today from Angaa. Did all the women of the sisterhood sense how much she loved this man. She wondered just how far sharing went.

The next day they wandered across a ruined city, carved stone alternating with graceful columns, worn cobblestones, walls of brick, the occasional readable inscription.

“This, my dear was Rome – the center of the world thousands of years ago. A power then like ours today”

An inscription on a doorframe caught her eye

“Et Ego in Arcadia Vixi – what does that mean”

He paused, translating

“Thus passes the glory of the world”

She clung to him.

“I hope not ours…”

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Midweek Missed Connection #6

Vivoli Trattoria - w4m (Valencia)

Wish I hadn't been at a business meeting when I saw you at Vivoli today. I could barely concentrate on what I was doing because of your mesmerizing eyes. Not to mention that 1,000 watt smile...

Damn, I wouldn't have been able to concentrate either. What a fox. Looked like a high level bunch of people


OK – you got me. So what do you do with all those guys?

Marketing. It was a boring offsite lunch to work on a boring new product. What about you?

Freelance photojournalist. Mostly bands and musicians.

Wow – that must be interesting.

Yeah – it pays, sometimes. So want to meet for coffee?

Sure – where?

Coffee Bean – down the street from Vivoli – Tomorrow night.

OK – See you there


It was crowded and noisy for a casual place. They grinned together through strong black coffee and sticky sugary pastries. He whispered in her ear about maybe coming up to his place, and she had just nodded when his cell went off.

The conversation was terse, and his tension was obvious as he snapped it shut. The smile was gone.

“I – uhh – gotta go. Work”


“You know Carlos Baines”

“The lead for Desparate Measures?”

“He just offed himself – I can get there ahead of the cops if I hustle”

He ran and she followed.

“Can I come?”

He shrugged. She jumped into the car. Whatever happened, it would be a long way from her usually boring life.

It was – a very long way.


Finally - I got a real CL post that matched the optional venue - yay

MMC courtesty of @caseydamnmorgan. See her writeup at

Monday, August 10, 2009

MfM #40


I watch you slowly remove
You silk lace and leather
Your falling clothes
Make me the voyeur
Who wants what cannot be his

Why do you dance in front of
An unshaded window
Showing me breasts
I long to suck
And moist femininity
I long to enter
Knowing that I am here
Tormenting me

I dream of throwing open your door
Pressing you to the floor
And taking you
Having my pleasure
Until I am sated

I sigh
You are a beautiful woman
and I will have to wait
'Til I am older
Than twelve

Saturday, August 8, 2009

FFF #15

The Jedi's Slave: Awakening

Lara slowly returned to reality.

Angaa asked sharply

“Did you notice anything different?”

Lara thought a minute.

“I felt the strangest thing – I had a sense of… a color almost”

“And what color did you sense”

“Blue, actually”

”Oh thank goodness” Angaa seemed genuinely relieved.

“Your use of Rosewater brought you into a sisterhood which spans eight species. We weren’t sure your mental makeup would allow you to join us”

“What do you mean?”.

“It is similar to the way Jedi exploit the force, but much more gentle and subtle –more suited to a woman. Where a man would clumsily probe your mind, for us that would be an aberration - instead we work on sharing. We share everything. The blue you sensed was the sharing of pleasure”

“Oh – what else is shared”

“If you sensed red, it is the sharing of pain – any pain from a caning to a splinter in your finger. One thing also – you must never reveal our secrets to a male of any species. It is our protection against the cane”

“What else must I learn”

“You will find that you begin to enjoy the touch of a woman as much as a man”

Lara protested – in answer Angaa lifted her up and undressed her, then lay her on the couch. Her hand brushed the side of Lara’s face – then she kissed her. Angaa’s lips, though not human, affected Lara deeply.

“Angaa, I sense a different color – I sense green. What is that?”




@Aphrodite44 noted that she needed to read the backstory to understand a new episode. Unspoken was the fact that it was hard to extract just those episodes in the blog - but it was true. Accordingly I have indexed all the posts to better allow reviewing The Jedi's Slave sequence as well as the other posts

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Midweek Missed Connection #5

Angels vs. Indians July 29 - w4m - 24 (Anaheim)

Ok so I feel so silly doing this, but my friend told me I had nothing to lose. I saw you at the angels game you sat right below me and we were in section 311. I had short blonde hair and I was wearing a white shirt and a brown sweater. I smiled at you a few times and you smiled back. I wasn't brave enough to try and talk to you, so I know this is a long shot, but if you see this posting I would love to get to know you. I so feel funny posting this!

After a few emails and then texts we agreed to meet at a local coffee shop – amazingly though we had met 50 miles away in Anaheim we both lived in the same town. She was stand-offish at first – seemed afraid to let go and talk. But as the evening continued she relaxed, finally enough to put her hands on my arms. She was truly beautiful, someone I could really enjoy being with.

I walked her home that night – her apartment was a block away from mine, but I had never seen her in the neighborhood. Not that it mattered. As we stopped in front of her apartment I bent down to kiss her goodnight. Her lips were soft and moist, yielding. She trembled a little.

“Would you like to come up and meet my cat?”

“ Sure”

We walked up the stairs together. It was a beautiful evening...


It is indeed intersting to take a real person's post and supply my own ending to it. I wonder how she would feel if she ever stumbled across our stories. I have been tempted to send a link, but never have...

Sensual Stories - August 4 version


She sat with three girlfriends
Ignoring the boys across the room
Where he leaned with his buddies
Watching her smile
He strode 'cross the floor
Boots echoing
Hat in his hand
And he asked her to dance

It had been a long morning
Their friends
Had watched while they vowed
To always be there
For each other
They sat at a table
His unaccustomed suit
Next to her new white gown
Listening to toasts
And roasts
Until the music started
And he asked her to dance

Dinner on the table
He had the perfume of cattle
And horses
The baby had cried 'most all day
Their few moments together gone
When the squalling started again
She broke down in tears
He stepped from the room
Returned in a moment
His deep voice quieting the bundle
On his shoulder
He reached for the radio
Turned it up loud
And he asked her to dance

It had been a good year
The ranch had done well
The hands took care of it all
As they stood together on the deck
Half a world away
Watching the moon on the swells
He was used to the tux
And she to her dress
As the music began
The couples all swayed
And he asked her to dance

Saturday night at the Blue Moon Cafe
Is a mixture of beer and snacks
The occasional fight
And lust. Lets not forget lust
As girls stood in groups
And young guys all watched
Coupling together
To the music
Disease had ravaged her body
But her mind was all there
She enjoyed being part of it all
Then the front man announced a favorite song
And the crowds parted
As he wheeled her out on the floor
There were no dry eyes in the room
As he bent over to kiss her forehead
And he asked her to dance

Monday, August 3, 2009

MfM 39


You swept into my life, little one
A submissive in need of a dominant

We played. Played intensely
I forgot all that was bad in my life
You helped me remember the good I lost

When I met you I was angry
Now I am at peace

When I met you I turned my back on love
Now it is centered

When I met you
I was ready to walk away from my soul mate
Because nothing worked
And I didn't see a path to anything ever working again
Now the way is clear
And I have begun to walk it

You were my pleasure
My joy
And though you may have been the bottom
You taught the top
To remember where true happiness was

You needed the answer to a simple question
How could a woman do that to another woman

You have given happiness to her
Though she will never know you
I will
I will be sad forever
That our time couldn't be
And yet happy
That she and I will grow back together
I hope that is enough
Perhaps that is what true submission is

In the end there was no drama
No ceremony
We just


But I will remember you
I will thank you
And I will think of you