Monday, July 20, 2009

MFM 37

Girls Moving Day

My roommate Angela is so damn feminist - she insisted that we move all our stuff to the new apartment ourselves instead of having the guys do all the work. I mean, if God wanted us to move stuff would he have given us long fingernails? Not to mention long hair? Anyway, her boyfriend Gary and his buddy Tony decided to come along just to watch. Damn, talk about a couple of hunks who could easily carry our stuff under one arm. But no, Angela insisted we do everything. So while they sat there laughing at us and working their way through a twelve-pak we were all hot and sweaty (Ewwww) carrying stuff up and down stairs. I think the last straw was when we were trying to get a heavy chair around the corner - both of them just stood up and took it away from us, then effortlessly lifted it over our heads and down to the truck. Angela started to mutter.

"Shut up, Angela" I said

When the guys came back up the stairs for the next piece of furniture she started in giving them both a piece of her mind. We were independent women, we could do this ourselves, we didn't need...

"Shut UP Angela" - she wasn't listening to me. The guys just ignored us both and moved the last few pieces to the truck and shut the tailgate.

"OK - are you going to drive this?" Gary was getting a little irritable, and Tony didn't seem far behind.

"Umm - I guess so - the rental place just left it here for us..." Angela drifted off.

"Ever drive a truck"

"Ummm - no, it cant be that hard.."

Gary grabbed the keys and climbed up into the cab.

"Take them in the pickup"

Tony nodded and pushed the two of us along and into the back seat of his crew cab - the front seat being full of whatever it is guys always have in the front seat of their pickups.. I sensed even more irritation during the quiet (except for Angela's prattling) ride to the new apartment.
When we got there both of us were unceremoniously pushed out of the way, and the contents quickly unloaded. Without our help. Or directions. Or whatever.

"There is gonna be a charge for this" Gary smiled, sitting on the chair looking pointedly at Angela.

"From both of you" Tony added, looking at me.

Gary stood up and picked up Angela, heading for the bedroom. I heard the sound of a swat, then Angela's squeaky "Ow!"

I was turned around looking into intense brown eyes - then felt a swat on my behind

"Ow - I didn't do that - it was her"


He pulled me down into his lap.Mmmm - he felt good. We ignored the two of them in the other room for the rest of the afternoon. I let him do all the heavy lifting.


Dont usually write from this point of view - thought I'd experiment with something different...


vanimp said...

Isn't it intriguing to write from a different perspective? I find it quite a challenge sometimes but I have had a good storyteller come along in my life at one point and he taught me well. I liked this, and I loved the ending. x

Casey Morgan said...

Fun waves of power exchanges and emotions. As always, your endings are neat, and I smiled at the twist with "heavy lifting", ha ha

Kyle said...

I think that was a great experiment.. good, and I love all the permutations of 'heavy lifting' we're coming up with for this theme.

I have fun working from other perspectives, too, there's a lot to learn about those view points and ourselves.