Monday, August 3, 2009

MfM 39


You swept into my life, little one
A submissive in need of a dominant

We played. Played intensely
I forgot all that was bad in my life
You helped me remember the good I lost

When I met you I was angry
Now I am at peace

When I met you I turned my back on love
Now it is centered

When I met you
I was ready to walk away from my soul mate
Because nothing worked
And I didn't see a path to anything ever working again
Now the way is clear
And I have begun to walk it

You were my pleasure
My joy
And though you may have been the bottom
You taught the top
To remember where true happiness was

You needed the answer to a simple question
How could a woman do that to another woman

You have given happiness to her
Though she will never know you
I will
I will be sad forever
That our time couldn't be
And yet happy
That she and I will grow back together
I hope that is enough
Perhaps that is what true submission is

In the end there was no drama
No ceremony
We just


But I will remember you
I will thank you
And I will think of you



vanimp said...

I think people forget that D/s can teach both lessons in love. That was simply beautiful and if she ever reads this I am sure there will be tears in her eyes, sddness yet joy that you have found that path again. x

Casey Morgan said...

Oh, so sad!

Eliot said...

Very lovely. :-)

Kyle said...

wow.. that is beautiful.. really really beautiful.