Tuesday, July 14, 2009

MfM #36


You hid it well, you did
I'll give you that
You hid it deep within your heart
You would not tell me
Not for a heartbeat
That you cared
That you loved
That you wanted me to hold you
And caress you
And take you

Had I left you control
Had I left you your secrets
Had I not cared enough
You would not be mine
For I would never have looked
In your most secret place
Where you wrote the inner you
The you that was never shared
The you that said most simply
That I was your



Well, the original described real industrial espionage, as opposed to espionage of the heart, and was well on its way to 1500 or 2000 words - It would have fit in MacroFantasyMonday, but that wasn't the objective now, was it. Took a bit to fall back and regroup

My thanks to Ang - hope you get a big machine up - PDA's are great, but as a supplement. And my appreciation to all the other real writers who take this challenge. You guys are great!


Anonymous said...

This touches something, stirs a part of me. Very nicely written.

vanimp said...

This was a beautiful piece, thank you *smile*