Friday, July 3, 2009

FFF #10

The Jedi's Slave

He sat balancing the wineglass on the tip of his finger, an easy trick, really, one that amused him. She knelt before him, her simple student’s cape swirling on the floor.

“So you wish to serve”

“Yes, Master”

“But you are hardly prepared, my child. You have not even the skill of a padawan. There are 16 degrees of submission about which you are totally ignorant”

“But Master…”

He held up his hand for silence, closed his eyes. She felt her body lift from the floor. Overwhelming fear started her trembling. She sensed the power of his mind exploring hers, knew that as a slave she had no defense against him. His mouth formed a smile.

“That is an interesting fantasy, my child. One of the ancients”

She wasn’t sure what he had found – she had come with a heart as pure as she could make it. She did have fantasies, true – she was a woman above all else. Then she realized why he smiled.


She squeaked, embarrassed. Her body stretched out, no will of hers involved, well above the floor. Her cape unwound, was snatched away – then her inner garments till she stood completely bare to his view. She felt his touch, though he didn’t move. The feelings overtook her, dominated her being. She couldn’t help but respond, though he held her in place. He took her to pleasures she couldn’t have imagined.

As she finished, he laughed.

“Perhaps you’ll do – now about your fantasy with the cane…”


I always thought there was no reason why a Jedi knight couldnt be a kinky bastard - thanks for the opportunity to explore this fantasy - to all my friends at FFF.


Casey Morgan said...

Omigosh, this brings out the scifi geek in me! Wonderful idea. You'd have a following if you made it into a book. Especially liked "16 degrees of submission" - ha!

rafifuck said...

Wow, I wish I had those capabilities - just imagine the fun!

grailseeker said...

A nice little sci-fi sex romp. I'm a geek with a kinky side, I'll admit it. I enjoyed the piece. I, too, liked how you worked the 16 degrees into it. I look forward to reading more of your work.

nettagyrl said...

Nice! Am a nerd for the sci-fi and you added such a kink to it, that I am now a fan! Cool little story of a Jedi with kink. NICE!