Saturday, July 11, 2009

FFF #11

The Jedi's Slave: First Test

It had been quite a month – he'd allowed her to become part of his life, accepted her as his slave, and she was determined to please him in every way. In turn, she had been pleasured beyond the wildest imaginations of a young woman. Pleasured when he enterred her mind, pleasured when he enterred her body. She had become accustomed to the eerie sensation when he probed her mind, the feelings that resonated within her scull – it was after these he always found new ways to drive her into ectasy. She lay beside him evenings, running her fingers over the scars on his warrior's body while he slept.

He had been gone for several nights, and her body missed him. She tossed restlessly, thinking of the last night they had shared. Instant arousal made her wet, and it was only a moment before her hand reached down to satisfy. As she touched herself, she heard his voice

“You are not to do that young lady – if you do I will punish you”

She looked around – the sound was so real. He wasn't there, how could he... She tossed her head, well if he weren't here what could he do. It was only seconds before she enterred her private realm of pleasure.


Several worlds away, he shook his head, the image clear in his mind. Well, if punishment was what she wanted, punishment was what she would get.

“Pardon me counsellor – My mind was elsewhere for a second.”


Just could NOT get the safety pin in - I had several ideas, but none of them fit in 250 words.

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Casey Morgan said...

Jedi training is continuing, it would seem!