Monday, November 30, 2009

MicroFantasy Monday #56


You are cuffed
Retrained to please me
Twisting to escape
The wet touch of my lips on yours
My tongue penetrating
My fingers playing your passion

The etiquette of our evening
That you must not explode
You must hold it in
Arousal be damned
Until I grant you
The consequences are painful
Should you fail

You plead
Beg me to allow you relief
Your satin thighs whisper your desire
Your wetness on my fingertips
Proclaims your readiness
Your back arches
I release your mouth
And capture your breast
Nipple firm with lust

How well I know you
How well I lead you
Your voice
Released from my kiss
Moans its will
I slide down your tummy
And you cry out
For as my mouth senses your moisture
And takes it in
My mind senses and loves your passion's perfume
Breathing you into me

We both know you wont
Withstand my touch
You cannot keep your love inside
You share it
Arousal and release
Poetry of your heart
Your eyes locked shut
Body thrusting
Through our love

Your eyes barely open
Passion's aftermath
As you look into mine
But your body bucks as you see
Behind me on the wall
The cane


I have certainly missed MfM and the other writing pleasures as I struggled with NaNoWriMo. It was a satisfaction to finish, but now I have months of editing and rewriting, though hopefully at a slower pace.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

20 Nov 09

Accidentally cross-posted here. This actually is on my writing blog; I decided to leave it here instead of deleting it.

Posting this after the fact. Friday represented meeting my goal. Finished 50,645 words late Friday night, thus meeting the plan of 50K in 20 days. I really felt like I accomplished something. and I (like many others) put up an "I DIT IT" post on the twitter #nanowrimo topic. Finished Chapter 19 and well into chapter 20. I also can see the next 5 chapters to the end (finally) and the plot is falling into place. It looks like it will go a little over 60,000 words - the tale grows in the telling (Chaucer, isn't it? - I dont recall for sure. but it applies).

Anyway its interesting how the contents of #nanowrimo have changed in the last week. There seem to be fewer articles website references and more sticking to the job at hand. I'm guessing a mood change in the writers, but I dont know.

Anyway I'm happy. Luck to everyone.

Monday, November 2, 2009

For a Change

For a change a real blog post...

Thanks to my twitter friends @caseydamnmorgan, @asparkle, @nettagyrl, and @adelehaze I became aware of the National Novel Writers Month project. Thus far my writing in this blog has evolved, as it has evolved me, to a point where I am ready to try something bigger. So I'll be trying my hand at a full-on novel during the NaNoWriMo (try saying that fast a few times) period - the entire month of November. I wont be posting anything here - I'll be taking time off from FFF, MfM, Bookends, and the rebirth of Sensual Stories. I simply have very little time as it is - adding another 4 - 5 hours a day of recreational writing just wont fit. So, I'll be back here at the end of the month, probably very thankful to write short little things as opposed to a 50,000 word novel.

The main site is if you are interested in the whole concept.

And for any who'd like to follow my efforts I've started another blog just for this project (and whatever flows from it, I guess) - I expect to post daily regarding my progress and how easy (or, more likely difficult) I'm finding it. I'll probably also post excerpts as well. As always feel free to comment, there or here, and I'll be back here posting my usual stuff at the end of the month. Thanks to all of you who've commented on my stuff here. The feedback was invaluable, and one of the things that gave me the self-confidence to pursue my muse...