Wednesday, July 29, 2009

MMC #4

Coral Cafe, I wasn't your waitress, but... - w4m - 21 (Burbank)

I wish I had been. You came in with a guy with white hair and thick square glasses, and a guy closer to your age wearing a Fedora. But you, oh you! You were tall, thin, deliciously lanky, with well kept shoulderish length straight brown hair and glasses, and a nice leather jacket on. I was the brunette waitress with long earrings who kept smiling at you, brought you coffee and cream, and who's now kicking herself for not just walking up to you and saying Hello. I just let you walk out like a shy fool. But if by some miracle you read this, every time I looked at you my heart jumped into my throat and I no doubt blushed 100 shades of red. I'm using all my powers of positive thought to hope you'll come in again, and this time sit in my section.

I remember her. She DID blush. Hmmmm Well, a couple of cups of coffee wouldn't hurt.


I saw her and waved to her across the restaurant. She smiled and jumped and waved to me.

"That was quite a Craigslist ad"

She blushed.

“When are you off”

“Forty five minutes. Why”

“I'll wait”

She blushed again. For forty-five minutes she kept me in coffee.


We got in my car.

“ You know, I'm a real sucker for a girl in a dress. I hate jeans on girls”

“Well, I have to wear it every day”

“Guess you'll see me every day then”

She has...


Anonymous said...

What a great post, I love it! I've been that shy girl and dreamed of this ending before...sighs

thanks for sharing

Casey Morgan said...

"I'll wait."

Ms. Cassandra (Sandy) Park said...

A "Happy Endings Missed Connection." Yay!