Monday, September 28, 2009

Micro Fantasy monday #47


I thrust
You parry
I explain
You reload
Our thoughts have somehow
Gotten to cross-purposes
Till neither of us
Can listen to the other
But instead prepares
The next arguement
To be skillfully inserted
Where it will cause the most pain

Soulmates we may be
But that doesn't mean
That we

But sometimes I wish we did


Somehow I missed the last few weeks - I kept looking thinking that Ang's blog would come back up, but I think I had a bogus URL and I never saw the new (or rebuilt) blog come up until I noticed that @PandaDementia had a new (in fact several new) MfM's on her blog, tracing down an FFF of hers that I missed. Anyway this should be a little more micro than my usual efforts.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Friday Flash Fiction #22

The Jedi's Slave: Beginning Again

Again she walked across the floor to the leader. She knew that Jar Gon was despondent - he sensed he was losing her, but he also knew - they both did - that she must make her contribution to the republic. She bowed.

"Sir, I have a question"

"Lara, please. Speak you will"

"Sir, the hardest thing is for me to give up is my slave submission to Jar Gon. It complicates everything. Is there a way I can serve as a Jedi and still be submissive to him?"

His eyes glittered - a smile on his small face.

"Lara, believe I do that you have been placed on this planet to challenge us all"

They both laughed.

"This consider I must"

"Sir - if I can continue as a submissive to only him, I would do whatever you and the council feel best. If not, I would want to stay as I am. I know that I would be giving up much..."

"Lara. Too strong you are to allow failure. A success we must find."

He turned and walked across the room, lost in meditation.

She returned and started to sit at Jar Gon's feet. He stood instead and pulled her to him.

"Little one, I know what you prefer, and it is indeed what I prefer. But it may not be best for the republic."

She interrupted him

"No Master. Please..."

"If we must - I will relelase you from your slave contract"


They rode home, silent for a while, The air conditioner struggled to overcome the heat and humidity that had left their clothes plastered to their bodies.

"Padawan" he began.

She cringed.


"Padawan your first assignment is to determine how our Ordelian bretheren are passing messages without encountering our decryption barriers. We believe it to be buried in some simple file structure, perhaps in the matrix of an image file. Steganographic analysis is called for here. But you knew that."

She was silent. It would be a difficult day.


BTW this is exactly how terror groups in europe were circulating messages. If you look at the jpeg spec it is open ended, meaning it is easy to add a data type that passes non-encrypted data that is invisible unless you're a hacker. Like I am...

The Last Midweek Missed Connection

You brightened up my day - Wilshire District, w4m

So there I am all day with my boring little job in my boring little lobby. The UPS guy is old and the Fed Ex guy is married and all the sales people are stuck up beautiful women - yuck. And then you came in. Be still my heart, for real - I was afraid you'd hear it beating. You were there to drop off flowers for one of the Vice Presidents - everybody says she's a real bitch. You must be a delivery boy, but hair so beautiful I want to touch it, leather jacket and tight pants. Everytime I think of you I get wet. Oops - did I say that? Well, you're not likely to read this, but if you ever do you have a real admirer.


Patty was jolted from her pleasant daydream by the jangle of her phone. Not the receptionist's number that she always answered, but the one assigned to her personally. It never rang.

"Miss Newsome, after the close of business you are to report to Miss Miller's office. Room 1400"

"Yes ma'am"

She wasn't sure who was in room 1400 but that was the top floor so she must have been important. Patty couldn't figure out why she could be wanted. She started worrying - what if this was a lay-off? The rest of the day dragged on and on.

Room 1400 was a huge office, covered with expensive-looking oak panelling, a view of the city to die for. Miss Miller was, according to the plaque on the door, Senior Vice President.

The next hour Patty was grilled. Miss Miller was interested in her personal life and seemed happy when Patty told her typical story - small town girl in the big city, didn't know anybody, no boyfriend, no family. Miss Miller cleverly got every shred of Patty's life out in the open without giving anything in return.

Finally she leaned back in the expensive leather chair.

"Well, young lady, I'm going to move you up here where you'll work under my direct supervision. You'll get a small promotion - I'll let your manager know she has to find a replacement tomorrow. In the meantime she can remember what its like to sit in the lobby. You'll be coming home with me tonight."

She had Patty sign a number of forms - she didn't read them at all, just assumed that they were connected to her new job. At length Miss Miller pressed a button on her desk and asked for her car to be brought around.

"Come, dear"

Patty followed her like an anxious puppy. Down the elevator to the front where the limousine was waiting. Patty felt lost in the back seat - Miss Miller reached over and touched her knee.

"Don't worry. You'll get what you have coming, dear"


Patty was still confused as the they pulled up to a palatial home. They were greeted by a servant.

"We'll be in my study. Have James join us imediately"

"Yes Madam"

Patty followed her into a room that was similar to the office. Impressive - Patty couldn't help but wonder what her part would be.

"So young lady you feel you have had a boring job in a boring lobby, and that whomever those flowers were for is a real bitch, hmmm?"

Patty jumped, sucked in her breath.

"Miss Miller, I..."

"Save it. The dear boy that you were drooling over is my boy toy, young lady. My property, since he has signed a slave contract to me. "

Patty stammered.

"I didn't mean it. Truly I didn't"

Tears welled in her eyes.

"Oh, yes you did. Don't lie to me, or you'll be in more trouble. And don't start crying yet. Did you even look at the papers you signed in my office?"

Patty shook her head

"I thought not. Well dear, you just agreed to submit to my total control. Total. And that includes punishment when your behavior is inappropriate. And I think putting yourself up on Craigslist like that was inappropriate. Don't you?"

Patty couldn't help but nod. She had the awful feeling she'd had as a little girl when she knew she'd done something wrong and her mother was about to get out the hairbrush. Subconsciously she reached back and covered her bottom.

A gentle knock on the door interrupted her thoughts.

"Come in James"

Patty gasped as the boy she had so desired stepped into the room.

"Yes Ma'am. You called"

"This is the girl I told you about James"

A small smile played around his mouth.

"Yes Ma'am"

Miss Miller smiled as well.

"Well we'll see if she gets wet whenever she sees you. James, go up to my bedroom and bring me down the hairbrush"

He bowed and swiftly left the room. He was back in a moment. In his hand was a hairbrush - an awful-looking one. Patty couldn't help but start to cry. Miss Miller pulled out a straight chair and sat down, looking imperious in her expensive clothes. She was the picture of power to Patty.

"Come here, dear. You're going to learn what punishment is"

Patty blushed.

"Please don't spank me in front of him. Please."

Miss Miller smiled.

"What's the matter, dear - feeling second thoughts about bad behavior?"

Patty begged her.

"Please. It would be awful having him see me get it..."

She felt embarassed. The boy she wanted so badly would be witness to her being punished like a girl.

As Miss Miller pulled her over her knee and bared her bottom arousal was the last thing on her mind.

"James, I think this will be a good lesson for you in the handling of girls who dont behave themselves"

"Yes Ma'am"

Patty could hear the smile in his voice. As the hairbrush came down for the first of many times she couldn't help but wonder what she had gotten herself into.


This is the last issue of Midweek Missed Connections. I enjoyed it - I thought it was an unusual way to seed a story, and I expect that I may look to those ads for further inspiration. My thanks to Casey for coming up with this writing driver. I must say that I was somewhat surprised at the extent to which vanilla people would reveal themselves to the entire world.

Thanks, Casey.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Friday Flash Fiction #21

The Jedi's Slave: Reflecting

They lay together in the garden looking up at the sky, bathed in sweat after their extended lovemaking session had spilled from the bedroom, their mixed voices a libretto of love.

“Master this is a hard thing you lay on me”

“Well, if you like, I'll lay it on you again”

His voice smiled.

“Master that's not what I mean. I have trained to be a submissive, to bow to your will. Now you tell me I must make this decision myself and you wont even tell me what you want me to do”

“Lara it must be what you feel in your heart you want to do. Our entire civilization may depend on your unique abilities. It may be that you must sacrifice your desires for others. That is what the Jedi ideal of service is. And I cant be the one to choose – it must be you”

Lara rolled the possibilities over in her mind. No matter what she chose things would never be the same, she decided. Even if she stayed with Master she would still have responsibilities. Beyond his, in some ways. The other paths would have her gone for extended training, and then who knew where she would be sent.

“Master, no matter what, would I always be your submissive?”

“No matter what, if you wish”

She looked up at the stars.

“What is that one, Master?”

“Ophiuchus – the snake”

He always knew, and she was always amazed.

“That is how I feel, Master. Like I am dealing with snakes”


As noted below this has been a very difficult few weeks for me - I wanted to post this since I think I've made every FFF and I hated to break the chain...
Midweek Missed Connections #11

I Was In Your Office – w4m

We were talking and then you walked out with me. You laughed at my story and then the
next morning, I walked by, you whispered "I Like you". I think you know by now "I like
you also". The attraction has always been. Respond if you know this is me.


Rene – is this you? Has to be, that's exactly what happened. Stop by after work.


She was on pins and needles waiting for five o'clock, feeling relieved as the workday ended. After freshening up she headed for his office. She flipped her hair, knocked on the closed door.

“Hi – come in”

The smile lit up his rugged face as he escorted her in, closed the door behind her.

“You know, I've never met anyone like this before”

She was still nervous, but relaxing. He held her small hand in his large one, and they talked. Little things. Big things. Finally she noticed it was dark.

“I probably should go”

He smiled his crooked smile, rose and led her out

“OK– we'll see each other again”

As they stepped out into the long corridor he touched her shoulder. She turned to him. They kissed, a long slow kiss. He pressed her against the wall, her arms around his neck.

“Mmmmmm – see you later”

She walked away slowly, her heels echoing. At the end of the corridor she looked back. He was leaning against the wall. He smiled and waved. She blew him a kiss and turned back.

“Thank you Craigslist”


As usual this is a real CL post. Didn't change a thing.

Last two weeks have been difficult - physically, a bunch of tax stuff that took most of my time, and back to back races last weekend. So this is very very late.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Friday Flash Fiction #20

The Jedi's Slave: Decisions

Lara followed the young Lieutenant back to the council chambers. Jar Gon strode to meet him, and the two began talking animatedly. Jar Gon looked at her, a strange expression on his face. He turned and walked slowly back to the leader, bending and whispering in his ear for a long time. The leader stood and addressed the group of nine Jedi assembled.

“Lara must be made aware of her capabilities. Jar Gon. Explain to her the choices.”

He nodded

“Reconvene later we will.”

They were both quiet on the trip home. Lara was positive that she was in for a whipping.

As they stood in the living room she began to cry.

“Just get it over with.”

Jar Gon appeared astonished.

“This has nothing to do with that. It seems you have some abilities that I never realized”

Lara stopped crying.


“It seems that your midichlorian count is higher than most Jedi. I’m not in your league”

“What does that mean?”

“It means that if the council so decides you could be sent for training tomorrow morning.”

Lara started to speak, but he placed his finger over her mouth.

“You also have the unusual combination of reflexes and thought processes that make an outstanding starfighter pilot – they don’t come down the pike very often”

She shook her head.

‘And finally, you have the unique option of being a bridge between the Jedi and the sisterhood. You would continue to live here with me, continue to play the same role, but you would report to the council as an extraordinary member.”

“And do my feelings matter at all?”

“Of course they do. That is why I have given your options. My feelings, unfortunately, do not matter”


That evening she looked over at him.

“Master – if I have this high whatever count, what does it mean”

“It means that you can, with training, harness the force better than most of us Jedi”

She thought a moment, then giggled. A second later Jar Gon found himself laying naked above her.

“Put. Me. Down.”

She giggled again , then eased off her nightwear. He felt aroused by seeing her unclothed, but a second later an even greater reason presented itself. He felt as if his organ was in the sweetest lips ever felt, though she was not touching him. He hardened even more, almost embarrassed.

“Stop that”

Slowly he was lowered between her open thighs, pulled within her.

“Do you want to let go of me now?”

“Oh. Sorry Master”

As she felt him begin to thrust within her, her mind began to fade into a blue mist. She smiled as her passion rose

“I could get used to this.”

Friday, September 11, 2009

Midweek Missed Connections #10

Firefighter at my Starbucks - w4m - 23 (Stadium Fred Meyer)

Well, men rarely make me nervous... especially when I'm serving over a counter... but you did...tall with dark hair...sigh...handsome... you undid the Velcro of your pants to stuff your money in your jeans pocket... and it turned me on. I'd never seen you there before...what did you get... just straight coffee. My kind of man. Did you put creme in at the condiment bar or just sugar? Will you come back and make me nervous again? Or perhaps even reach over the counter and... hmmmm.... where is this going? You tell me.

Twas August 31st... morning some time.


I was tired and the water from the pumper truck had soaked through to my uniform and all I wanted was a hot cup of joe. So here's this sweet little thing up on tiptoes to hand my coffee to me – I remember looking up after I undid my cargo pocket to stuff the change back in and she was looking at my crotch. Boy did she snap her head away, but I caught the red face as she did. She was cute.

“Hi there”

I put both elbows on the counter and leaned over. She turned around.


“So I make you nervous?”

Hey eyes locked with mine. She nodded, then looked down.

“Good – shall I reach over the counter and see where this goes?”

She lit up with embarassment. I couldn't help smiling.

“Why dont you just bring me some coffee first. Black”


This one I got from my Portland search last week. I wrote the story, but I wanted something else. Now it's grown on me so I submit it this week.

Monday, September 7, 2009

MicroFantasy Monday #44 - The Prequel


I was muttering as we bounced along the trail. Mandy looked over at me and smiled. I couldn’t help smiling back. I just was expecting to have a ride together, not have to bring my little brother along. He was such a pain – he was so different from me that I couldn’t believe we had the same parents. Where I took auto shop, he took calculus. Where I played football he played World of Warcraft. Where I wanted to spend time with my girlfriend he wanted to spend time on the net. But my mom had insisted we take him with. To get some fresh air, she said.

So he sat in the back of the Jeep not particularly happy with being away from his computer. Mandy had done her best to make him feel welcome. I knew he had kind of a crush on her, so did she I guess, but she smiled at him every few minutes and he finally seemed happy enough. You had to yell to be heard with all the canvas off, so we didn’t do too much talking.

I’d found this trail through the far edge of a dry lake, and it looked interesting. It headed up into some low hills I’d never been through before. Mandy had a topo map spread out and was looking for any points of interest. She was good with maps, better than I was. She’d warn me ahead of time when we were heading into steep country or places where I’d need 4 wheel drive. She could just tell.

After a few hours we were well into the hills. As we crested a ridge I saw a thin vein of smoke coming from a valley a ways off – at least I thought it was smoke. I stopped to talk things over.

“If that really is a fire we need to make sure and then call in so they can send someone out”

Mandy nodded at me.

“Whatever” came from the back seat. Adventurous my little bro wasn’t

“On the other hand if somebody’s hurt we should help them out”

That got about the same level of agreement, so I started up. We had some tough climbing and the brush was starting to close off the trail as we got closer. Finally we were as close as we were going to get in the Jeep – we’d have to walk the rest – it was just too steep. It was just over a steep ridge. We started hiking.

Danny bitched a lot about all the walking – finally I got tired of it and told him if he wanted to go back to go ahead, but to stop complaining. I told him he was being outpaced by a girl, but I don’t think it affected him much. But he finally did try harder to keep up.

We climbed to the top of the ridge and looked down at the source of the smoke. It was a pile of black wreckage – it looked like one of those fast Air Force planes. There was no evidence of life – we all called, even Danny – to no avail. Danny started talking, half thinking to himself

“That almost looks like an SR71, but its not big enough and besides they don’t fly them in this area I don’t think…”

While he was talking he was sliding down the hill. I wasn’t sure what he was talking about.

“… can’t be a stealth either – there wouldn’t be this much left”

“Danny what are you talking about?”

I started to slide down after him.

He grabbed some brush to stop himself.

“I don’t think that’s one of ours”

I looked at him. Well, he should know – his room had been full of models and pictures of every airplane ever built since he was little. It was one of the things he was proudest of.

“What – you mean it belongs to another country? What’s it doing here?”

He turned. I could tell he was serious. It was the first time I ever saw him so totally confident.

“You two stay up there until I check it out. This might not be from here at all”

I started to ask a question, but he was lost in thought as he slid down to the bottom of the valley and slowly approached the wreck.

“Well just be careful. Mom will kill me if anything happens to you”

He picked up a stick and began to prod the edges, levering a piece of the metal up. It was loose, and I watched him pick it up. He hefted it in his hand, finally ran his fingers over it, tried to bend it with both hands.

“Jack this isn’t anything from here. This skin is lighter than composites, thinner than anything I know of, and so strong I can’t even bend it. I..”

He hesitated.

“I don’t think it’s from earth.”

That was creepy

“We better call someone”

I had forgotten about Mandy. I turned to look as she popped her cell out of her jeans. It happened so fast. Danny called out to wait as she flipped it open and hit the keys. I turned back to look down and saw a bright flash from the wreckage reach out to Danny. He dropped like a stone, and as I turned back I saw the look of horror on Mandy’s face. She dropped the phone.

I ran down the hill trying not to lose my balance. His eyes were closed as I picked him up and dragged him up back up the hill. It was hard moving dead weight up the steep slope but finally I got him to the edge. Several times he had made quiet moaning sounds, so I knew he was alive. I caught my breath for a minute before I started carrying him down to the Jeep. Mandy ran ahead to get out a blanket and some water. He started to come around about half way down, but he wasn’t really coherent. Finally we made it and I laid him down on the blanket. He opened his eyes.

“There’s two of them in there, I think”

“Two of what” I asked.

“Two of whoever flies that … thing. Two pilots or extraterrestrials or whatever they are. I’m not sure if they’re alive or not, but I’m pretty sure I saw one move.”

I reached in to pull the thirty ought six off the gunrack.

“Well I’ll make damn sure they’re not alive”

He reached up to grab my arm.

“Don’t. They probably had a defensive thing and the radio waves from the cell phone triggered it. I don’t think they were trying to hurt me. It was probably automatic. I’m OK now. Honest”

He stopped for breath.

“I want to go back there and see if they’re OK.”

“Absolutely not. Are you crazy?”

He grinned.

“Probably. But do you realize what a day this is? If they’re really extraterrestrials that would be a first. For the whole planet, not just for us. Think about more than yourself”

He stood up – shaky at first but more steady and determined as he headed up the hill. I was proud of him, in a funny kind of way. He was really leading the way in more ways than one.

He turned.

“Are you coming with?”

Mandy and I hurried to catch up with him…


This was originally written for an MfM, but clearly at over 1200 words it isn't even close to micro. It was driven by Ang's theme, and was what I wrote first - although not what was submitted. Still, I kind of liked the way it came out so I thought I'd share it with Y'all. I'd love any comments you have on this one.

MicroFantasy Monday #44


Do you ever think
While you’re looking up
At all those stars
That are out there
In all that space
Extraterrestrial couples are
Making love and looking
Back and wondering about us.

Do they kiss?
Do they whisper all the things we do to each other?
Do they care passionately?
Do they make dumb mistakes choosing partners?
Do they hold each other with whatever arms they have?

As we lay
Watching the skies
I’m happy
I have you
To share these thoughts

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Friday Flash Fiction #19

The Jedi's Slave: Testing

Lara was bored. The first tests were like going to the doctor – techs took her blood, tested everything, peeked in every conceivable place, and mapped the tidal flow of her body. It made her feel like a piece of meat. Few of them talked, increasing her feeling of isolation.

But then she had been taken to a game room. She’d enjoyed playing action games, brain teasers, and flight games. From there she was taken to a simulator that looked like a real starfighter. She climbed in, fastened the restraints and flew – she was shaken, noise enveloped her, and her smile became beatific. But that was before.

Now she sat across from an irritated white-coated woman drinking soda from a koozie-wrapped can . She’d asked Lara to move the ball sitting on the table between them. Lara reached for it.

“No – I want you to move it without touching it.”

Lara could – as a child sent to her room she amused herself by rearranging her dolls without getting up from bed. But she never told anyone – She knew she was different. She had refused for over an hour.

“Young lady, I not only happen to be a psychiatrist and a senior officer, I also am the mother of three daughters. And I have found nice is over-rated.”

She opened a drawer and pulled out a large paddle.

Lara closed her eyes, slammed the ball across the room, breaking a mirror. She started to cry.

The woman smiled.

“Thank you, dear.”

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Midweek Missed Connections #9

mature Domme checking you out - w4m - 420 (W Bemerton Park and Ride)

You are the professional mature gentleman, always dressed in freshly pressed. short sleeved button down, and checking your messages. I know you have an eye for the young girls, pity. Sucks 2 b me, :)

I like the change you made to your hair, so soft and touchable. I like standing behind you as we wait to board the ferry, nice view.


He remembered standing in the misty Seattle rain, waiting for the ferry. He had never noticed anyone watching him, but then he hadn't been looking either. The ferry was just an hour gone from his life, the price of living on the peninsula. He made a note to look for her.


She was taller than he – and, he told himself, a strong, beautiful woman. Since his marriage ended he hadn't really been looking for anyone, but if he were, she would be it.

“That was your ad on Craigslist?”

“Yes. I'm glad you found it”

“Funny, I almost never use it. I was looking for some parts for my old MG. And there you were.”

She smiled, a warm smile that invited him. Their talk lasted the whole ride, beginning the sharing that might lead to a relationship. At the end, he gave her his arm and they walked together off the boat. He turned to her

“So what exactly is a Domme?”

She smiled again.

“You recall that you said that you were missing direction in your marriage?”

He nodded.

“Dear, you will never have that complaint again”


No way would I find a post discussing rain in LA in August. I tried Portland and Seattle and even THEY didn't have a post that mentioned rain. But this one came close enough.