Saturday, July 18, 2009

FFF #12

The Jedi's Slave: Consequences

Lara danced through the house all day. He had been off-planet for four days

“He’s coming home today”.

Anticipation led her to devil the servants – finally the cook threatened her with bodily harm if she went over the menu one more time. Midday she heard the tone that announced someone at the portal. Outside among the aspens she found three troopers. The oldest one announced himself as Sergeant vanDownes

“Your … husband ordered us to deliver these to your sleeping quarters ma’am”

She led them to their bedroom, and watched as they set down the packages, covered with unfamiliar script. They left, and she had only a few minutes to examine the itemized bill before she sensed his presence.

Over dinner he told her of his trip.

“The most amazing thing about Ordile-II is that they still beat their women.”

“They’re orange, ugly, and they have very big heads, but they’re very well behaved. They don’t do things they’re told not to do…Even if their masters aren’t there”

A dark feeling came over her.

“They’ve been developing this plant for generations – it is like the rattan you dreamed of, but much, much more effective” In the bedroom he opened the larger of the packages – he extracted a stool with extended arms and a footrest. Gently he pushed her over it – as her hands approached the arms she felt herself pulled over and held in position. He unscrewed the end of the other package and pulled out a cane.

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Casey Morgan said...

It's never good when they go off-planet.