Wednesday, July 22, 2009

MMC #3

Where is Michael (grew up in Malibu) lives in Brentwood? - w4m (Brentwood)

Your name is Michael
You grew up in Malibu
You live in Brentwood
You are a member at Bel Air CC
You like the spazmatics
You own a restaurant franchise
You like to play the guitar and are quite impressive at it
We went on several great dates...
You invited me to the spazmatics...
and then I never returned your call...
I lost my phone and you were lost.
Can you be found? Is it possible?
If anyone knows who this Michael I speak of is... please email me.
Hey I know it is weird to turn to CL..
but hey you never know. It is a small world.
Call me at 310-XXX-XXXX Michael
"Hi this is Michael"
"Hi Michael, This is Valerie. I finally found you"
"I had such a hard time finding you. I lost my phone, like I said on Craigslist..."
"Well, look. The concert was 3 weeks ago. I haven't heard from you for almost a month"
"I know. Well it took me a while..."
"Did it? You knew where the restaurant was. And I gave you a business card"
"I know. After I lost the phone and couldn't find you I was afraid you'd be mad at me..."
"Perceptive of you"
"Ummm Michael ARE you mad at me?"
"Well look at it this way - there was $160 for the front row tickets and $100 for the backstage pass"
"Oh God, I had no idea..."
"The $300 deposit for the limo I couldn''t get back, not to mention the $450 for the hotel suite"
"And all for someone who was so thoughtless and self-centered she couldn't find me"
"I'm so sorry. I'll make it up to you..."
"No - no you wont. If you want to pick up where we left off, as far as I'm concerned you deserve a good old fashioned spanking"
"What? How could you..."
"Sorry Valerie - that's how I feel"
"OK, goodbye then"
"Michael. Ohhh goodbye"
"Hi this is Michael's phone. He's not with me right now so leave a message"
"Michael, this is Valerie. I've been thinking it over and maybe you're right. My mom used to spank me and its not like I've never had one and God I cant believe I'm doing this Oh I miss you and if you really think that's what you want then go ahead and spank me. Call me.
"Hi Valerie, this is Michael. I got your message"
"Uh huh..."
"Why dont you come over tonight and we'll get this over with. Be here at eight"
"Ummm Ok I guess. I mean, how are you... What are you going to do to me?"
"I'm going to put you across my knee Valerie, just like you were a little girl. Then I'm going to pull your pants down. And then I'm going to spank you with a hairbrush. I borrowed one from my mom."
"Oh god. I'm kinda... afraid"
"Well just be here at eight."
"OK - eight o'clock"
At eight o'clock she stood outside his door, timidly knocking. The huge carved door opened and she looked up into his intense blue eyes. She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him. He kissed back.

"This way"

He closed the door behind her.


That, BTW, is a real CL ad - I couldn't make this stuff up...


Casey Morgan said...

Ha, well, I guess when a guy shells out that much dough, he expects better! Fun use of a real posting. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I like how you used a real CL post. Nice story, and good integration of tgi. I'm gonna have to try incorporating tgi into some of mine, I think.

I look forward to more.

Anonymous said...

I like this a lot. Especially how you built it off of a CL post.