Saturday, August 22, 2009

Flash Fiction Friday #17

The Jedi's Slave: Dread

They drove through the sunshine, Lara’s head on his shoulder, admiring the smile on his face.

“That was quite a history lesson, Master”

“Yes, it was interesting. Another time we will visit the halls of the founding fathers”

They passed bronze statues that belonged in museums, weathered men returning with their catch of fish..

“Many citizens of the world looked much like them back then. By the way, what did you and Angaa talk about?”

“Oh, just girl talk, Master”

"Did she discuss rosewater with you?”

Lara jumped. She’d been told that she must keep the secret from men, yet how could she keep a secret from Master? Angaa, how could you do this to me.

She took a breath, decided a little lie wouldn’t hurt.

“No Master. What is that?”

He was quiet for a time.

“Lara, what are the rules for a submissive”

“Master, she must be Respectful”






“She must be truthful”

“And what if she is not truthful”

“Oh God”, she thought. “He knows. I don’t know how, but he knows.”

“Master your submissive will get a whipping. A severe one”

His voice began low, but it rose in intensity to sound like thunder.

“Did you think I would go to another world as an ambassador without knowing every detail of the people?”

“No Master, but…”

“Did you think I would not know their customs?”

“No Master..”

She started to cry from his voice.

It was a long quiet ride home.


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Anonymous said...

Uh oh - busted. Nice internal conflict between her instructions as a woman versus the rules as a sub. Concluding with mounting fear of what is to come.

Casey Morgan said...

Busted & conflicted, indeed. I thought it wasn't that fair of him, though, to basically place her in a loyalty trap. But, maybe there's a twist in store in the upcoming scene. ;-)

vanimp said...

Hmm I have a feeling I would have done what she did so I am curious as to her angst in not being open with her Master .. look forward to more.