Monday, August 10, 2009

MfM #40


I watch you slowly remove
You silk lace and leather
Your falling clothes
Make me the voyeur
Who wants what cannot be his

Why do you dance in front of
An unshaded window
Showing me breasts
I long to suck
And moist femininity
I long to enter
Knowing that I am here
Tormenting me

I dream of throwing open your door
Pressing you to the floor
And taking you
Having my pleasure
Until I am sated

I sigh
You are a beautiful woman
and I will have to wait
'Til I am older
Than twelve


vanimp said...

You had me completely sucked in thinking something else until the last two lines *chuckle* well done hehe x

nettagyrl said...

haha! Love this! For such a youngster he has such a little dirty mind!! Good one!