Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Midweek Missed Connections #7

redhead with haircut i'm jealous of riding a white bike - w4m - 24 (bike trail north of manhattan beach)

I said hi, that's what I do. You said something back that I can't remember but I'm pretty sure it was moderately sexy sounding.

It's possible that you're adorable. Just thought you should know.


Thanks – I thought you were pretty cute yourself. Those were pretty short shorts.

Ohh – you DID notice me.

Will you be there tomorrow?

Every morning at nine

OK – See you.


The next morning they rode together. He let her lead, but she couldn't outrun him, try though she might. On the downhill right after the hilltop the bike got away from her, and she couldn't make it around the corner. Girl and bicycle were tangled in a heap as he gently braked to a stop. He dropped his bike and lifted her off the gound, extracting her from the battered metal. She hadn't realized how strong he was until she saw how effortless it was for him – she wrapped her hand around his arm, surprised at the tight muscles.

She was trying not to cry – silly but it had really hurt when she fell. He carried her over to a bench and sat down with her in his lap. He held her, then lifted her chin so she was looking up into his eyes.

“You better be more careful – I'd hate to lose you after I just found you”

She snuggled up, wondering where this could go.


Aha - another CL post in the desired venue. Will this madness ever end?

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Casey Morgan said...

Oh, I thought this was sweet and romantic! Also, non-advertised strength is so appealing.