Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Midweek Missed Connection #6

Vivoli Trattoria - w4m (Valencia)

Wish I hadn't been at a business meeting when I saw you at Vivoli today. I could barely concentrate on what I was doing because of your mesmerizing eyes. Not to mention that 1,000 watt smile...

Damn, I wouldn't have been able to concentrate either. What a fox. Looked like a high level bunch of people


OK – you got me. So what do you do with all those guys?

Marketing. It was a boring offsite lunch to work on a boring new product. What about you?

Freelance photojournalist. Mostly bands and musicians.

Wow – that must be interesting.

Yeah – it pays, sometimes. So want to meet for coffee?

Sure – where?

Coffee Bean – down the street from Vivoli – Tomorrow night.

OK – See you there


It was crowded and noisy for a casual place. They grinned together through strong black coffee and sticky sugary pastries. He whispered in her ear about maybe coming up to his place, and she had just nodded when his cell went off.

The conversation was terse, and his tension was obvious as he snapped it shut. The smile was gone.

“I – uhh – gotta go. Work”


“You know Carlos Baines”

“The lead for Desparate Measures?”

“He just offed himself – I can get there ahead of the cops if I hustle”

He ran and she followed.

“Can I come?”

He shrugged. She jumped into the car. Whatever happened, it would be a long way from her usually boring life.

It was – a very long way.


Finally - I got a real CL post that matched the optional venue - yay

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Casey Morgan said...

Oh - I wanted the story to start when they got in the car together!!