Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Flash Fiction #16

The Jedi's Slave: Retrospection

Jar Gon held her arm as they stood with the ambassador and Angaa waiting for their ride. His status entitled them to military transportation and, as usual, it was late. The day’s beautiful sunlight turned to rain and, once the car arrived, the young crewman held an umbrella to keep them dry, though he himself was showered on. They settled back in the seat, wiping wetness off their shoes onto the carpet.

“I have a surprise for you tomorrow” he whispered in her ear.

She was puzzled.


“We have found an ancient archeology site, from the civilization before the civilization before the civilization before ours – we shall tour it”

She smiled inside – Jedi loved to build complicated sentences.

“Yes, Master. I’m sure I shall enjoy it”

She spent the night watching his body rise and fall with his breathing, trying to understand all she had learned today from Angaa. Did all the women of the sisterhood sense how much she loved this man. She wondered just how far sharing went.

The next day they wandered across a ruined city, carved stone alternating with graceful columns, worn cobblestones, walls of brick, the occasional readable inscription.

“This, my dear was Rome – the center of the world thousands of years ago. A power then like ours today”

An inscription on a doorframe caught her eye

“Et Ego in Arcadia Vixi – what does that mean”

He paused, translating

“Thus passes the glory of the world”

She clung to him.

“I hope not ours…”


vanimp said...

I give you ten up for getting all those words into a Jedi based story lol hell I don't think I could have done it. Kudos! x

Casey Morgan said...

I'm starting to _smell_ this world, and to feel the texture of its settings.