Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sensual Stories - August 4 version


She sat with three girlfriends
Ignoring the boys across the room
Where he leaned with his buddies
Watching her smile
He strode 'cross the floor
Boots echoing
Hat in his hand
And he asked her to dance

It had been a long morning
Their friends
Had watched while they vowed
To always be there
For each other
They sat at a table
His unaccustomed suit
Next to her new white gown
Listening to toasts
And roasts
Until the music started
And he asked her to dance

Dinner on the table
He had the perfume of cattle
And horses
The baby had cried 'most all day
Their few moments together gone
When the squalling started again
She broke down in tears
He stepped from the room
Returned in a moment
His deep voice quieting the bundle
On his shoulder
He reached for the radio
Turned it up loud
And he asked her to dance

It had been a good year
The ranch had done well
The hands took care of it all
As they stood together on the deck
Half a world away
Watching the moon on the swells
He was used to the tux
And she to her dress
As the music began
The couples all swayed
And he asked her to dance

Saturday night at the Blue Moon Cafe
Is a mixture of beer and snacks
The occasional fight
And lust. Lets not forget lust
As girls stood in groups
And young guys all watched
Coupling together
To the music
Disease had ravaged her body
But her mind was all there
She enjoyed being part of it all
Then the front man announced a favorite song
And the crowds parted
As he wheeled her out on the floor
There were no dry eyes in the room
As he bent over to kiss her forehead
And he asked her to dance

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