Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sensual Stories - August 19th


A long tunnel
Flashing through
Heading back to you
My week is through
The chains broken
That keep me away
For days on end
Golden chains
But chains none the less.

The ranches slip by, unnoticed
Your face in my mind
Your voice in my ears
The memory of softness from years past was
On my fingertips
As if you were here
In the cockpit with me

Life on the road
Has kept us apart
Way too much
Way too long
Way too often
So now
Though I'm coming to you
I miss you terribly.

Hours together
Refreshing memories
Holding you
Looking through
The window to your soul
And hoping you keep me in your heart
Till I come back
And then it is time

A long tunnel
Flashing through
Wiping my eyes
Your face in my mind


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