Saturday, August 8, 2009

FFF #15

The Jedi's Slave: Awakening

Lara slowly returned to reality.

Angaa asked sharply

“Did you notice anything different?”

Lara thought a minute.

“I felt the strangest thing – I had a sense of… a color almost”

“And what color did you sense”

“Blue, actually”

”Oh thank goodness” Angaa seemed genuinely relieved.

“Your use of Rosewater brought you into a sisterhood which spans eight species. We weren’t sure your mental makeup would allow you to join us”

“What do you mean?”.

“It is similar to the way Jedi exploit the force, but much more gentle and subtle –more suited to a woman. Where a man would clumsily probe your mind, for us that would be an aberration - instead we work on sharing. We share everything. The blue you sensed was the sharing of pleasure”

“Oh – what else is shared”

“If you sensed red, it is the sharing of pain – any pain from a caning to a splinter in your finger. One thing also – you must never reveal our secrets to a male of any species. It is our protection against the cane”

“What else must I learn”

“You will find that you begin to enjoy the touch of a woman as much as a man”

Lara protested – in answer Angaa lifted her up and undressed her, then lay her on the couch. Her hand brushed the side of Lara’s face – then she kissed her. Angaa’s lips, though not human, affected Lara deeply.

“Angaa, I sense a different color – I sense green. What is that?”




@Aphrodite44 noted that she needed to read the backstory to understand a new episode. Unspoken was the fact that it was hard to extract just those episodes in the blog - but it was true. Accordingly I have indexed all the posts to better allow reviewing The Jedi's Slave sequence as well as the other posts


Casey Morgan said...

An alluring conceit - this female force, with color.

frenchiestories said...

Great story I love that the colors have these meanings very nice!


nettagyrl said...

You've taken my beloved Star Wars and made it Kinky, and I thank you for that! Love the whole concept and I look forward to more!