Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Midweek Missed Connections #9

mature Domme checking you out - w4m - 420 (W Bemerton Park and Ride)

You are the professional mature gentleman, always dressed in freshly pressed. short sleeved button down, and checking your messages. I know you have an eye for the young girls, pity. Sucks 2 b me, :)

I like the change you made to your hair, so soft and touchable. I like standing behind you as we wait to board the ferry, nice view.


He remembered standing in the misty Seattle rain, waiting for the ferry. He had never noticed anyone watching him, but then he hadn't been looking either. The ferry was just an hour gone from his life, the price of living on the peninsula. He made a note to look for her.


She was taller than he – and, he told himself, a strong, beautiful woman. Since his marriage ended he hadn't really been looking for anyone, but if he were, she would be it.

“That was your ad on Craigslist?”

“Yes. I'm glad you found it”

“Funny, I almost never use it. I was looking for some parts for my old MG. And there you were.”

She smiled, a warm smile that invited him. Their talk lasted the whole ride, beginning the sharing that might lead to a relationship. At the end, he gave her his arm and they walked together off the boat. He turned to her

“So what exactly is a Domme?”

She smiled again.

“You recall that you said that you were missing direction in your marriage?”

He nodded.

“Dear, you will never have that complaint again”


No way would I find a post discussing rain in LA in August. I tried Portland and Seattle and even THEY didn't have a post that mentioned rain. But this one came close enough.


Casey Morgan said...

Oh, this was incredibly sweet, and incredibly hot! Especially loved "mature domme checking you out" LOL!

But...how did he happen onto missed connections if he was just looking for parts for his MG? First date and already prevaricating? tsk tsk. In need of direction indeed.

PapaTom said...

MG parts are found in the darndest places :)