Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Friday Flash Fiction #21

The Jedi's Slave: Reflecting

They lay together in the garden looking up at the sky, bathed in sweat after their extended lovemaking session had spilled from the bedroom, their mixed voices a libretto of love.

“Master this is a hard thing you lay on me”

“Well, if you like, I'll lay it on you again”

His voice smiled.

“Master that's not what I mean. I have trained to be a submissive, to bow to your will. Now you tell me I must make this decision myself and you wont even tell me what you want me to do”

“Lara it must be what you feel in your heart you want to do. Our entire civilization may depend on your unique abilities. It may be that you must sacrifice your desires for others. That is what the Jedi ideal of service is. And I cant be the one to choose – it must be you”

Lara rolled the possibilities over in her mind. No matter what she chose things would never be the same, she decided. Even if she stayed with Master she would still have responsibilities. Beyond his, in some ways. The other paths would have her gone for extended training, and then who knew where she would be sent.

“Master, no matter what, would I always be your submissive?”

“No matter what, if you wish”

She looked up at the stars.

“What is that one, Master?”

“Ophiuchus – the snake”

He always knew, and she was always amazed.

“That is how I feel, Master. Like I am dealing with snakes”


As noted below this has been a very difficult few weeks for me - I wanted to post this since I think I've made every FFF and I hated to break the chain...

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Casey Morgan said...

Ooh, lovely last line. I also liked the gentle humor between them at the start. Missed you! So glad you didn't break the chain.