Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Midweek Missed Connections #11

I Was In Your Office – w4m

We were talking and then you walked out with me. You laughed at my story and then the
next morning, I walked by, you whispered "I Like you". I think you know by now "I like
you also". The attraction has always been. Respond if you know this is me.


Rene – is this you? Has to be, that's exactly what happened. Stop by after work.


She was on pins and needles waiting for five o'clock, feeling relieved as the workday ended. After freshening up she headed for his office. She flipped her hair, knocked on the closed door.

“Hi – come in”

The smile lit up his rugged face as he escorted her in, closed the door behind her.

“You know, I've never met anyone like this before”

She was still nervous, but relaxing. He held her small hand in his large one, and they talked. Little things. Big things. Finally she noticed it was dark.

“I probably should go”

He smiled his crooked smile, rose and led her out

“OK– we'll see each other again”

As they stepped out into the long corridor he touched her shoulder. She turned to him. They kissed, a long slow kiss. He pressed her against the wall, her arms around his neck.

“Mmmmmm – see you later”

She walked away slowly, her heels echoing. At the end of the corridor she looked back. He was leaning against the wall. He smiled and waved. She blew him a kiss and turned back.

“Thank you Craigslist”


As usual this is a real CL post. Didn't change a thing.

Last two weeks have been difficult - physically, a bunch of tax stuff that took most of my time, and back to back races last weekend. So this is very very late.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the posts here. As usual I enjoy reading them.Sorry your last couple of weeks have been rather rough...I can so totally relate to that myself for the last 3 weeks. Hope the races went well.

Casey Morgan said...

Wow, who doesn't wish that could happen? I love how he was leaning against the wall at the end. That says it all about him.