Monday, September 28, 2009

Micro Fantasy monday #47


I thrust
You parry
I explain
You reload
Our thoughts have somehow
Gotten to cross-purposes
Till neither of us
Can listen to the other
But instead prepares
The next arguement
To be skillfully inserted
Where it will cause the most pain

Soulmates we may be
But that doesn't mean
That we

But sometimes I wish we did


Somehow I missed the last few weeks - I kept looking thinking that Ang's blog would come back up, but I think I had a bogus URL and I never saw the new (or rebuilt) blog come up until I noticed that @PandaDementia had a new (in fact several new) MfM's on her blog, tracing down an FFF of hers that I missed. Anyway this should be a little more micro than my usual efforts.


scintillectual said...

You must Twitter us! My user name is the same as the name I blog under so you can find me there. We generally hear first and then start retweeting to the blogging community. Like wildfire, it's amazing how fast word gets around!

Kyle said...

oh lord.. that's the kind of frustration I can certainly relate to.. beautifully done poem about a tough subject, well done.