Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Last Midweek Missed Connection

You brightened up my day - Wilshire District, w4m

So there I am all day with my boring little job in my boring little lobby. The UPS guy is old and the Fed Ex guy is married and all the sales people are stuck up beautiful women - yuck. And then you came in. Be still my heart, for real - I was afraid you'd hear it beating. You were there to drop off flowers for one of the Vice Presidents - everybody says she's a real bitch. You must be a delivery boy, but hair so beautiful I want to touch it, leather jacket and tight pants. Everytime I think of you I get wet. Oops - did I say that? Well, you're not likely to read this, but if you ever do you have a real admirer.


Patty was jolted from her pleasant daydream by the jangle of her phone. Not the receptionist's number that she always answered, but the one assigned to her personally. It never rang.

"Miss Newsome, after the close of business you are to report to Miss Miller's office. Room 1400"

"Yes ma'am"

She wasn't sure who was in room 1400 but that was the top floor so she must have been important. Patty couldn't figure out why she could be wanted. She started worrying - what if this was a lay-off? The rest of the day dragged on and on.

Room 1400 was a huge office, covered with expensive-looking oak panelling, a view of the city to die for. Miss Miller was, according to the plaque on the door, Senior Vice President.

The next hour Patty was grilled. Miss Miller was interested in her personal life and seemed happy when Patty told her typical story - small town girl in the big city, didn't know anybody, no boyfriend, no family. Miss Miller cleverly got every shred of Patty's life out in the open without giving anything in return.

Finally she leaned back in the expensive leather chair.

"Well, young lady, I'm going to move you up here where you'll work under my direct supervision. You'll get a small promotion - I'll let your manager know she has to find a replacement tomorrow. In the meantime she can remember what its like to sit in the lobby. You'll be coming home with me tonight."

She had Patty sign a number of forms - she didn't read them at all, just assumed that they were connected to her new job. At length Miss Miller pressed a button on her desk and asked for her car to be brought around.

"Come, dear"

Patty followed her like an anxious puppy. Down the elevator to the front where the limousine was waiting. Patty felt lost in the back seat - Miss Miller reached over and touched her knee.

"Don't worry. You'll get what you have coming, dear"


Patty was still confused as the they pulled up to a palatial home. They were greeted by a servant.

"We'll be in my study. Have James join us imediately"

"Yes Madam"

Patty followed her into a room that was similar to the office. Impressive - Patty couldn't help but wonder what her part would be.

"So young lady you feel you have had a boring job in a boring lobby, and that whomever those flowers were for is a real bitch, hmmm?"

Patty jumped, sucked in her breath.

"Miss Miller, I..."

"Save it. The dear boy that you were drooling over is my boy toy, young lady. My property, since he has signed a slave contract to me. "

Patty stammered.

"I didn't mean it. Truly I didn't"

Tears welled in her eyes.

"Oh, yes you did. Don't lie to me, or you'll be in more trouble. And don't start crying yet. Did you even look at the papers you signed in my office?"

Patty shook her head

"I thought not. Well dear, you just agreed to submit to my total control. Total. And that includes punishment when your behavior is inappropriate. And I think putting yourself up on Craigslist like that was inappropriate. Don't you?"

Patty couldn't help but nod. She had the awful feeling she'd had as a little girl when she knew she'd done something wrong and her mother was about to get out the hairbrush. Subconsciously she reached back and covered her bottom.

A gentle knock on the door interrupted her thoughts.

"Come in James"

Patty gasped as the boy she had so desired stepped into the room.

"Yes Ma'am. You called"

"This is the girl I told you about James"

A small smile played around his mouth.

"Yes Ma'am"

Miss Miller smiled as well.

"Well we'll see if she gets wet whenever she sees you. James, go up to my bedroom and bring me down the hairbrush"

He bowed and swiftly left the room. He was back in a moment. In his hand was a hairbrush - an awful-looking one. Patty couldn't help but start to cry. Miss Miller pulled out a straight chair and sat down, looking imperious in her expensive clothes. She was the picture of power to Patty.

"Come here, dear. You're going to learn what punishment is"

Patty blushed.

"Please don't spank me in front of him. Please."

Miss Miller smiled.

"What's the matter, dear - feeling second thoughts about bad behavior?"

Patty begged her.

"Please. It would be awful having him see me get it..."

She felt embarassed. The boy she wanted so badly would be witness to her being punished like a girl.

As Miss Miller pulled her over her knee and bared her bottom arousal was the last thing on her mind.

"James, I think this will be a good lesson for you in the handling of girls who dont behave themselves"

"Yes Ma'am"

Patty could hear the smile in his voice. As the hairbrush came down for the first of many times she couldn't help but wonder what she had gotten herself into.


This is the last issue of Midweek Missed Connections. I enjoyed it - I thought it was an unusual way to seed a story, and I expect that I may look to those ads for further inspiration. My thanks to Casey for coming up with this writing driver. I must say that I was somewhat surprised at the extent to which vanilla people would reveal themselves to the entire world.

Thanks, Casey.

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Casey Morgan said...

This was a doozie to end with, Tom. I was laughing out loud at the turn. You really have opened our eyes to RL adverts and what people will write when they think no one's reading. Thank you so much for writing with me!