Friday, September 11, 2009

Midweek Missed Connections #10

Firefighter at my Starbucks - w4m - 23 (Stadium Fred Meyer)

Well, men rarely make me nervous... especially when I'm serving over a counter... but you did...tall with dark hair...sigh...handsome... you undid the Velcro of your pants to stuff your money in your jeans pocket... and it turned me on. I'd never seen you there before...what did you get... just straight coffee. My kind of man. Did you put creme in at the condiment bar or just sugar? Will you come back and make me nervous again? Or perhaps even reach over the counter and... hmmmm.... where is this going? You tell me.

Twas August 31st... morning some time.


I was tired and the water from the pumper truck had soaked through to my uniform and all I wanted was a hot cup of joe. So here's this sweet little thing up on tiptoes to hand my coffee to me – I remember looking up after I undid my cargo pocket to stuff the change back in and she was looking at my crotch. Boy did she snap her head away, but I caught the red face as she did. She was cute.

“Hi there”

I put both elbows on the counter and leaned over. She turned around.


“So I make you nervous?”

Hey eyes locked with mine. She nodded, then looked down.

“Good – shall I reach over the counter and see where this goes?”

She lit up with embarassment. I couldn't help smiling.

“Why dont you just bring me some coffee first. Black”


This one I got from my Portland search last week. I wrote the story, but I wanted something else. Now it's grown on me so I submit it this week.

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Casey Morgan said...

Yum... where can I get some of that?