Saturday, September 5, 2009

Friday Flash Fiction #19

The Jedi's Slave: Testing

Lara was bored. The first tests were like going to the doctor – techs took her blood, tested everything, peeked in every conceivable place, and mapped the tidal flow of her body. It made her feel like a piece of meat. Few of them talked, increasing her feeling of isolation.

But then she had been taken to a game room. She’d enjoyed playing action games, brain teasers, and flight games. From there she was taken to a simulator that looked like a real starfighter. She climbed in, fastened the restraints and flew – she was shaken, noise enveloped her, and her smile became beatific. But that was before.

Now she sat across from an irritated white-coated woman drinking soda from a koozie-wrapped can . She’d asked Lara to move the ball sitting on the table between them. Lara reached for it.

“No – I want you to move it without touching it.”

Lara could – as a child sent to her room she amused herself by rearranging her dolls without getting up from bed. But she never told anyone – She knew she was different. She had refused for over an hour.

“Young lady, I not only happen to be a psychiatrist and a senior officer, I also am the mother of three daughters. And I have found nice is over-rated.”

She opened a drawer and pulled out a large paddle.

Lara closed her eyes, slammed the ball across the room, breaking a mirror. She started to cry.

The woman smiled.

“Thank you, dear.”


Anonymous said...

It is amazing the effect a "little" threat can have on a subject.

Casey Morgan said...

What Rafi said.

Also, there is something charming about this character flashing back to her childhood, and then being addressed as such by this woman but for the purpose of encouraging her to do what she dared not do as a child.

Anonymous said...

I do so enjoy these Jedi tales. This one was charming, as usual. I do wonder, though, what brand of soda a Jedi might drink.

nettagyrl said...

This was a very good one, and the key words flowed in. I liked how the threat made her do what she was supposed to do. Good job.