Monday, October 5, 2009

MicroFantasyMonday #48


Your little pink pin
Reminds us all of
The time you lay
A small body
In a huge white bed
Ensnared to the wall
By tubes and wire
The fear you faced alone
No matter how much we were there

Women are strong enough
But you are the strongest of the strong
Fighting to care
To continue
To be the moms and lovers you have always been

You’re missing a curve or two
Here or there
But in our eyes
You are as beautiful as ever
And always will be


Dedicated to all the victims of breast cancer. Soul mate and I have been lucky in that it has never affected her, but we both know lots of women that it has.

In case you missed it, the National Football League (American football for those elsewhere) allowed players to wear pink in support of National Breast Cancer Awareness month. It was kinda cute to see these big burly lineman and tough defensive backs with pink shoes on. Coach Singletary had a pink brim on his hat.


thepinkpoppet said...

That made me cry! So sweet. Thanks.

Kyle said...

that's wonderful and real and a great reminder to all of us.

PandaDementia said...

Oh my goodness, darlin', this brought a tear to my eye! So beautiful! :)

dominoxxz said...

A lovely read and the sentiment just right.