Sunday, October 25, 2009

Friday Flash Fiction #26

The Jedi's Slave: Padawan's First Adventure

The ship's engines rumbled, resonating in Lara's mind. She was on a mission with Jar Gon - a real mission as his Padawan. She was excited - she had never left her home planet. Her job was to watch and learn - nothing more. Still, it was an honor. She reached down again and touched her lightsaber - it was still there! Jar Gon looked over and saw her. He smiled, then turned back to the reports from Mangus, a dumply planet famous for mining obscure metals needed by the Republic's industries. After a moment she did the same.

She thought about the last few weeks - her training progressed, but she'd had difficulty with the blind sessions. She could avoid attacks, but she couldn't find Ben Kor to strike.She tried falling back on her feelings and was amazed to see his figure outlined in the yellow-orange of hatred. She slipped behind him and struck him repeatedly until he surrendered. After three more bouts with the same result the lights came up and the leaders eyes were twinkling

"Good senses you have, Lara. An excellent swordswoman you will be. Your capabilities are better than the force alone."

She had gone through the ceremony naming her a Padawan. She'd received her lightsaber, one of few women to do so.

She tried to focus on the reports but a vision kept interrupting. In the distant future she saw herself and Jar Gon on the jigsaw peaks of a mountain range fighting for their lives. She shivered, wondering what lay ahead.

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Casey Morgan said...

I liked "jigsaw peaks" - really helped me see her vision. :-)