Friday, October 9, 2009

Firday Flash Fiction #24

The Jedi's Slave: Reconciliation

The summons had been brief.

"We have not seen you for a while. Please honor us with your presence."

Lara knew it was the right thing to do, scary though it was. She requested an autocar to take her to the Ordelian ambassador's residence. Angaa rushed out to greet her, hugging like old friends.

"It has been weeks. We've missed you. How can we grow..."

Lara interrupted her.

"There have been new developments. We must talk":

"Of course - come in child"

They walked in together.

Lara began.

"You must realize that I now have to live in two worlds. First, in yours, the world of the sisterhood..."

"Of course. That is why..."

"Listen. They have tested me.It seems that I have the midichlorian levels to be a Jedi. A very high level Jedi."

Angaa drew in her breath.

"But how can you be part of us and part of them? Aren't they our enemies? Don't we need to rebel against them?"

"Listen, dear one. My abilities will allow me to be..."

Lara paused. It was important that she phrase this correctly.

"... a bridge between the sisterhood and the Jedi. It is most important to both our continued growth that this work well, and to our mutual benefit"

Angaa looked at her in a different light. That Lara could be a person of power rather than a conquest was new.

"You know that I must discuss this with the others..."

"Of course. But know this. It can only be good for you. Already I have the start of votes in the senate to prevent women from being punished for witholding information from the sisterhood. We have hopes of getting it passed soon."

Angaa stared

"How could you do this? This will benefit our drive to be one with your..."

Again Lara interrupted her.

"I do not have much time. I am due for training in a few minutes. It is that simple. You must trust me. I have only our interest at heart."

Angaa nodded.

"So have you discovered the drive I told you of?"

She took Lara's hand, reached in her back pocket and produced a crystal bottle.

Lara smiled.

"Perhaps I do have a few spare moments..."

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Casey Morgan said...

Moving the plot along this week! Now the bottle - nice little tease at the end.