Monday, October 19, 2009

Firday Flash Fiction #25

The Jedi's Slave: The Power of Mind

A glow suffused Lara's being. After the gentle passion with Angaa she'd pulled herself together to return to training. The afternoon was a mental challenge. It was the first time she had to try – in a world of darkness, black as coal, she had to engage a Jedi and avoid his training light saber. While not fatal, when it hit her it stung – badly. And it did not help that the young one who disliked her – Ben Kor – clearly enjoyed the process. He was her training partner. One thing that betrayed him was his anger – she could sense it as if it were visible. Again and again she avoided his blows. At the end she was worn down and his final blow caught her on the back of her thighs – she cried out and the pride was clear in his voice.

“For the Win!”

The lights came up and the leader stood. She was still rubbing the sore spot as he complimented her. She winced and shook her head.

“I can do better” she gritted. She did not want him to think her a tempermental female, easily beaten.

Ben Kor smiled.

“When you are ready”


That night she lay with Jar Gon, drained after lovemaking.

“Master, I have something to share with you”

“Yes little one?”

“Master beause of the rosewater I now enjoy the touch of a woman. A lot. Are you angry with me?”

He smiled.

“Of course not. I just wondered when you were going to tell me...”


This weekend not only did I have to work, but I had two down computers - one hardware failure, the other a nasty virus. Should any of you encounter the SecurityTool virus the latest version is really nasty - took over the whole machine. It took all day Sunday and much of this morning to get it wiped out...

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Casey Morgan said...

Although the force has not been with your computer, clearly it remains with your stories. I liked the dynamic with her training partner. ;-)