Monday, October 19, 2009

MicroFantasy Monday #50

The Contest

Her eyes gazed up
Shiny with unshed tears
Her heart pounding
As she nodded obedience
To his unspoken order

The contest between
What she deserved
And what she endured
Defined her submission
And her love

She bared her body
As always
And bent to grasp
A dancer's ankles
With her delicate fingers
Forcing herself
To want the pain
To desire the pain
To accept the pain

His muscular arm drew back
Then planted
Rattan's kiss
She bit her lip
To stifle her cry
Eyes fixed
On chair legs
For if she wandered
Her control would go
And she would lose him

After the stroke
Her mind eased the body
By meditating on
Their passion
And their love
Knowing that she needed
What only he could give

The pain a line of fire
It took all
To maintain the stance
To avoid the dance
Many do
Because it pleased
But fire it was

She awaited the next stroke
And the next
Now tensing
Now letting go
The fourth was always the worst
Because there were still more to go
And the urge to surrender
So high

She could no longer keep
The tears
The cries
But in letting them out
Her resolve rose
To see the end

She stood
After he released her
Pride in submission
On tiptoes to pull
Them close
As they walked together
To their bedroom
For an afternoon of
She caught a glance
Of the double stripes
And smiled

She had


Anonymous said...

Fantastic. I love the complexity and yet simplicity at the same time of the struggle.Very nice indeed.Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful. I love the flow and rhythm. "she had indeed won" - excellent. ^_^

nilla said...

wow, spare of words, enormous impact (pun intended,b t w!)

lovely post from your side of the cane, *smiles*


Goddess Aphrodite said...

I agree with all above. Simple words & statements, with great strength when strung together so...

A. :)

Kyle said...

just wonderful. such an excellent rendering of what goes on between and during the blows.. and the pride and power of enduring and submitting.