Monday, November 30, 2009

MicroFantasy Monday #56


You are cuffed
Retrained to please me
Twisting to escape
The wet touch of my lips on yours
My tongue penetrating
My fingers playing your passion

The etiquette of our evening
That you must not explode
You must hold it in
Arousal be damned
Until I grant you
The consequences are painful
Should you fail

You plead
Beg me to allow you relief
Your satin thighs whisper your desire
Your wetness on my fingertips
Proclaims your readiness
Your back arches
I release your mouth
And capture your breast
Nipple firm with lust

How well I know you
How well I lead you
Your voice
Released from my kiss
Moans its will
I slide down your tummy
And you cry out
For as my mouth senses your moisture
And takes it in
My mind senses and loves your passion's perfume
Breathing you into me

We both know you wont
Withstand my touch
You cannot keep your love inside
You share it
Arousal and release
Poetry of your heart
Your eyes locked shut
Body thrusting
Through our love

Your eyes barely open
Passion's aftermath
As you look into mine
But your body bucks as you see
Behind me on the wall
The cane


I have certainly missed MfM and the other writing pleasures as I struggled with NaNoWriMo. It was a satisfaction to finish, but now I have months of editing and rewriting, though hopefully at a slower pace.


thepinkpoppet said...

Oh, I like this and that part at the end..."The Cane"...made me shiver!

PapaTom said...

Thank you. Yes, I was looking for a different version of etiquette - I noticed you did also. Since I've been writing vanilla erotic stuff for the lastmoth it had to get out :)

Goddess Aphrodite said...

Oh yummmy story...I don't think I could have held off either! Even under threat of caning. :)

SexyKitten said...

Love reading your "stuff"

His Kitten

PapaTom said...


Thank you - withheld orgasm is one of those dominance games we all enjoy.


Thank you - glad you enjoyed it. I should be on a lot more now.

Kyle said...

PapaTom.. as always, it's a pleasure to read you. Roxy and I have been talking about that kind of restraint, and the begging.. damn, the begging gets to me when I'm topping her.. it's such a huge turn on. And when we switch, well, begging for release becomes my sole focus.

nicely done, sir

PapaTom said...


Thanks. I found it such a turn on the times I've done it. It's difficult not to let them off too easily, stringing it out - that's part of the art of topping. And of course as you know, it is a delicious feeling for a sub.

Must be interesting for you guys when someone says "It's my turn now, and I'm gonna get even" :)