Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Micro Fantasy monday #57


The blue line crawls
Around your soft white body
Like a snake
Cupping your breasts
Tucking your tummy
Sliding between
Your slippery places
And wrapping your thighs
Frustration itself
For you cant open your legs
After knot
After precious knot

But knots for bondage
Are trumped by knots for pain
As it binds your arms,
Your soft gentle hands
Behind your back.
You began with your face
Lovingly drinking from me
Pleasing me
So I will please you
The return of caring
For submission

Your hands slowly,
Rise to the ceiling
Your face begins its slow descent
To face the floor.
But not touch it,
For to touch it
Will return you to the cane
Sitting next to me,

Click again
You ankles secured
By the snake's friends
Your body twists in
Painful ways you didn't think it could
Every sinew stretched
Unti vulnerability
And pain forces a cry from your lips.

I smile at your pose
Immortalize it
And release you
Releasing your knots
And holding you once more
Enjoying your peace
As much as my own


My thanks to Ang, the sweltering celt, for running MfM. This weeks theme was contortion, which to me, among other things, suggested a bondage adventure. See her challenge and the other respondents at http://swelteringcelt.com/


dragonmage said...

Wow! Seriously. I love it. ^_^

PapaTom said...

Thank you - I am still saturated with nanowrimo, so poetry is all I can do. Loved your prose - both of us thinking alike.