Monday, June 15, 2009

Microfantasy Monday #32


On all fours, face low, blistered bottom high,
toothbrush in one small clenched hand, rags in the other,
the meager supplies I've allowed to her right,
kitchen cabinets to her left,
arms moving, muscles burning, face flushed,
damp with the sweat of effort, not the sensous wetness of arousal
cleaning, cleaning, cleaning

One hour of sparking floor behind her, five more of filth to go
face inches from my tiles, searching for any stain, dirt, grime,
twenty minutes ago I pointed one out to her
with my belt.
Now and then a few tears,
but still she keeps it up, heartening me by her obedience
She continues,
cleaning, cleaning, cleaning

For months the lesson stays.
No more sarcastic wit, tantrums.
Not a door slam, raised voice, nasty comment
in all this time
because any time one begins,
All I need do is remind her of
cleaning, cleaning, cleaning


Ang said...

Interesting take. I went from a slightly different perspective but similar. Thanks for joining us!

vanimp said...

Aaahh obedience is not such an easy task. Nice piece x

Anonymous said...

Very interesting take. I like it. ^_^

Thursday's Child said...

Beautifully done - I love the message and the execution!

Kyle said...

fuck. in. A.

well done, so well done.. dayam

Liras said...

Tasty and brief! Just like I like it!