Friday, June 5, 2009

FFF #6


So I'm workin' this job up near the golf course. Subbed out from an old buddy of mine. Gave my the plans and everything. Nice piece of change just to put in a patio. Got everything all layed out and the redi-mix truck is pourin' when this broad comes up in a golf cart. Real classy dame, grey linen suit, fancy shoes, the whole bit. She starts in like I gotta stop right now, “Emergency Stop” she calls it

“What the hell for, lady. Are you the homeowner” I figure its a reasonable question

“No, I'm on the architectural review board. You simply can NOT build that mostrosity here”

“Well lady, if you aint the homeowner and you aint a county inspector there aint no way this job is stoppin'”

She's mad. She starts runnin' around the side of the forms pullin' out the layout strings wavin' her arms and yellin' and sayin' she'd stop me. Then she ran into my parts box. Ya know, we all use them, a box of screws and nails and that stuff – about the size of a bread box. So she trips over it and goes face first into the fresh concrete. Laughin' like hell I pull her out, cause you aren't supposed to have that stuff on your skin. I pick her up and hose her off, which makes her even madder. Then she makes a big mistake. She takes a swing at me.

First time I ever spanked a grown woman...

My thanks and congratulations to all my co-writers. Also condolences to spankinresource for losing a family pet - I've had it happen and its always tough


vanimp said...

Hah this was fun! Had me giggling at the end, nice work! x

Casey Morgan said...

I loved this hard-boiled style, and the ending was a true punchline. Great use of language to create character and point-of-view.