Monday, June 22, 2009

MfM 33


Lying next to me
Silky skin slipping under my fingertip
Soft brown eyes holding me
Your scent, your hair, the curve of your breasts,
Your body against me
Pleasing me beyond words
Your gentle southern voice
"Daddy - I'm a good girl for you"

Our arms, our bodies entwined
Your lips on mine, full, moist, wanting
I can only surrender to you.
I close my eyes
Sensing your warmth,
My fingers stretch to touch your core
Feeling your moisture,
Your breath quickens
Knowing your arousal
I play you like the beautiful instrument you are

Waiting for the moment you give voice
To the music within.

You lay back
the lazy smile, eyes slightly open.
"Ummmmm... Daddy?"

I smile and reach to pull you into my arms again.

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