Saturday, May 16, 2009

Friday Flash Fiction #3

This is my entry for todays FFF - my fellow tripple F'rs are @spankinresource, @caseydamnmorgan, @naughtyAbby, and @SabrinaMorgan.


I stepped from the shower, physically clean and mentally drained. You stood there nervously twisting the ring that said for all to see that you were my slave, a replica of the one “O” wore. Your eyes were red from a night and day of crying, some of which I’d heard.

“When you’re dressed I have dinner ready Sir”

You finally had grasped that I was not ambivalent about your service. I expected no less than perfection – failure would be rewarded with my rough leather strap. You’d become quite familiar with it

You led me to the patio, served dinner for us both. Your effort was visible in the selection, the preparation, and the presentation. I smiled at the pillow you sat on. As I finished you sprang to your feet and cleared everything – again I could find no fault whatever. You served me dessert – lemon meringue pie. I hadn’t thought you’d even listened – and brought a small snifter of my favorite cognac, then knelt next to me. Sitting under the beautiful coastal blue sky, a fine meal, a beautiful submissive woman, an excellent cognac, the classical sounds of “In Principio” in the background – I couldn’t be happier. Your gentle voice disrupted my thoughts.

“Sir, are you pleased?” You were again nervously playing with your ring, concern on your face.

I gently tilted your head so I could view your eyes.

“Of course, darling. You have pleased me tonight – very, very much”

Your smile was reward enough for my day.

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Casey Morgan said...

Nice homage to Story of O, or perhaps Beauty?