Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday Flash Fiction #2

Had to post this early - will be travelling today.

This is the entry for today's FFF - my thanks to @caseydamnmorgan, @spankinresource, and @SabrinaMorgan for the opportunity to be part of this,


She stood on the cold concrete floor, both hands interlocked behind her bottom, nervously twisting back and forth, her eyes fixed on a crack inches from her toes. She was in trouble – disobedience means a spanking.

“How did you get in?”

“I found an old skeleton key in the shed and I wondered what it was for and it locked and unlocked all the old doors upstairs…”

Her voice trembled

“… and it opened the basement door and then I couldn’t get it locked again.”

Now she looked up at me, her eyes moist, tears in her voice. It really tore at my gut.

“There are other things down here besides spanking toys – dangerous things. I just want to keep you safe”

She tried to look back at me but the cuffs that held her bent over the table restrained her. Her housedress lifted around her waist, underpanties at her knees, looking like a girl rather than a grown woman. She twisted when she heard the hiss of the belt pulling from my slacks, jumped when I snapped the folded belt. She tried to keep still, quiet – that was her way during punishment – but the pain was too much. Each stroke echoed in the empty basement room, left its mark, forced a cry from her lips. I continued until she learned the lesson.

But I hated it.

“Give me the key”

She fumbled for it, then ran up the stairs, thighs flashing, sobs in her wake.

I’ll hold her later tonight.

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Casey Morgan said...

I especially liked the aural details here. I could really hear the action, even the details you didn't describe.