Friday, May 22, 2009

Flash Fiction Friday #4

The sculpture and the Cane

I watched her as she shaped the formless clay into her thoughts. Another D&D character, I thought, but be damned if I recognized it. She had a huge following of teen-aged boys who crowded what was once my garage, now her studio. Sometimes she seemed to revert to their age - I never knew what to expect. Today, though, she was alone.

“And that is a…?”

I hesitated to guess. She turned up her pert nose to face me.

“Silly – don’t you know?”

It was familiar, but I couldn’t place it.

“You had one in your old character collection. It’s a hippogriff”

Recollection came flooding back. Except that mine was a two inch tall casting. Her sculpture was well over two feet tall, magnificently detailed. I couldn’t wait to see it in color. But now it was time for something else.

“Time to clean up and come in. The babysitter’s here”

Her demeanor changed instantly – she went from my artist to my submissive. It was a game we’d played before, and I knew she hated it. But still she played. For my pleasure.

Slowly she removed the apron, cleaned her hands, looked up at me with her eyes moist. I led her across the backyard towards the house, where our friend waited.

“What did she bring today?” she asked

“A cane.” That simple. I heard an intake of breath.

I love watching my sweetie take her punishment from another woman. I was looking forward to a long afternoon. She wasn’t.


Thanks to my fellow writers for the inspiration to do this stuff - I've been away from writing for a long time - not since college and that was a long long time ago. @caseydamnmorgan, @naughtyAbby, @SabrinaMorgan, @SpankinResource. And (hopefully) two new members @thursdays_child and @swimnaked.

I don't know who came up with hippogriff - I had to ask casey WTF it was - but it really made this a challenge. I thought of a dozen different plots, from total fantasy with a young girl tending to the hippogriff staked out behind the school (guess which one) to plagarizing some of the 17th century poetry written to the beast. In the end I settled for TTWD as the environment. Thanks for coming up with such a creative keyword.

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Casey Morgan said...

I'm impressed with the ground this story covered, how much you revealed and invoked in such a short space. I love the turning point - the babysitter's here. Great twist!