Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The #Journaling Game 08/18/2010

An Old Lover

I watched you dance,
The joy in your eyes,
The music only you could hear
As your clothes moved in the gentle breeze,
The blissful, swirling colors a storm of passion I'd never know again.

You brought me to this place
Oh beloved,
Our place,
Our passion,
Our joy,
But within I knew
You were far too good
For the likes of me.

A lady for a carpenter,
A queen for a soldier,
I learned the goodness within you could share
Your brilliant mind
Blinding my simple heart
In ectasy I thought must last forever,
But in truth
Could only stay until
The moon turned again.

I gave you everything I had
But it was not enough,
Not enough to hold your interest,
Not against every boy in town.
And when at last you left,
Your laughter skipping down the street behind you
I would have wept
But I couldn't
Because you'd left me such happiness to remember
Until I die.

And so I come
Hidden by the green shelter of gentle leaves
Watching you
Wanting you
Knowing you
And happy beyond words
That I'd ever had you.

That was enough.


I've not written poetry since I started working on the full-on writing biz. It was a delight

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Anonymous said...

Very well said!
Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.