Monday, April 12, 2010

MirroFantasyMonday #75


Your heart opened
And you gave me all you were
Your love
Your tenderness
The most sacred parts of your body
You offered to my touch
Until there was nothing hidden
And then I asked for your submission

I watched you struggle
Wondering if you could truly give yourself
I knew how high the cost
But without it
The rest was meaningless.

You begged me not to ask it of you
Knelt before me
Tears winding down your face
As I told you what more you must do
To be truly mine.
You were silent
You sulked
You thought me unfair
To demand your demeaning
The fear of pain twisting your thoughts

You stood
You could not
We parted
You in tears
Me in strength
It would be a painful time
Sometimes being hard hurts
It was a lonely week
But I had no choice
I am who I am.

I heard the tap
Gentle like a bird looking for a meal
You stood on my sill
Eyes on your toes
Hands behind your back
You couldn't talk
In lieu of flowers
Or a kiss
You handed me a cane
You'd found yourself
And walked past me

I could hear the sobs, quiet
As you turned
Faced the chair
And waited
Opening yourself to me
So completely
It took my breath

I loved you then as I do now
With everything I have
For being mine.


Thanks to Ang for an interesting MfM theme. Havent had a chance to do much with you all lately. This was kind of an interesting one for me.

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