Tuesday, January 19, 2010

MicroFantasyMonday #63

Dreams II

Your lips beckoned
So red
So smooth
Pursed with desire.
Never did I hold back
I always came
Wanting you
Despite the pain.

I could almost feel the silk of your skin
Slide beneath my fingertips
You writhe with passion
Then slide away, laughing
As I try to claim you
Catching only a wispy touch
Your thighs, perhaps
Your back
Your beautiful golden hair

The sound of your gentle voice
Whispering to my ear
So missing from my life
These long months
But this is my dream
This is where we meet
This is where I can hold you
Once again
I can have you
Until morning's brutal call

The laughter stops
You lay back
Watch me for a moment
As you did
Then your eyes
Your beautiful eyes
Close again
Your body white and cold
I have lost you once more

I wake
There is no trace of your scent
No strands of your hair
No mark of your head on the pillow
You are gone


This is for MicroFantasyMonday; this week Ang's theme is dreams. I had done an earlier poem on a similar theme previously, although it was not a theme-driven event. This was what the theme of dreams led me to again.

For the earlier version see http://papatomla.blogspot.com/2009/07/sensual-stories-july-21-version.html#links


Anonymous said...

This is beautiful yet sad. I think I like this one a lot.

PapaTom said...


Welcome home. Thank you. Dont exactly know why, but the dreams theme just took me here.

Goddess Aphrodite said...

Wow, I like this piece...words are fewer, but imparting more feeling...love it. :)