Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sensual Stories, January 20, 2010


We curled together
Our bodies united
So many different ways
She gave herself to me
Willingly, freely
And I took her

She was so young
Had not yet learned
To protect her soul
From life itself
I felt myself her guide
Not that I was much older
But far more tattered
And hard

When we kissed I felt her stir
Her body replied to every thrust
Her soft skin slick under my worn fingers
The wonder of her beauty never tired me
The delight of her soul with everyday things
Brought me joy beyond my cynic's droll view of life

I was careful with her. I touched her soul gently
Never wanting to cause her the hurt that would force her
To become as I, scarred over raw pain
I felt the weight of her heart in my hands
Light, gentle, untouched, innocent

Of course, there came a day when it was not enough
When carefree moments
The joy of unfettered youth
The need to go forward won out.
I knew it would
I waved adieu and watched her walk down the cobblestones
With a boy I could have killed in a single stroke.

Je t'aime, I thought. Always will, I suppose.
I took a deep breath, wiped my eyes.
Perhaps tonight I'll go out for a beer.


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Goddess Aphrodite said... sad....and so lovely. Must have been someone very special. That comes through. :)

nilla said...

Wow! That was...breathtaking. A journey into a tortured soul...yet one still capable of caring, of loving, of letting go when necessary....

beautifully written!


PapaTom said...

Thank you both for your comments - I hadn't thought to check back for comments.

Aphrodite - yes, it was based on someone I knew, a long time ago. It didn't end exactly like that, but it ended.

nilla - I often have feelings like that when I deal with a womn much younger than I.