Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Position is Everything

(In response to a question from @SpanksSprinkles regarding alternatives to a full on cross for securing a submissive for a heavy corporal session...)

Sorry to take so long to respond - was working very late and as we all know, work is the curse of the spanking classes.

My suggestion is to use a solid wooden chair with a low back – if you’re lucky your dining room chairs will work. Ours didn’t so we have two that are almost identical – one came with a sewing center, the other from a student desk set. I think you could find them at a wood furniture stores with no problem. I don't recommend trying them in the position they'll be used though... Office chairs will work, but they’re not as sturdy - A heavy sub thrashing around can get enough leverage to break a weld on the cheap ones. I don’t recommend normal kitchen chairs as they’re too flexible.

Position the sub behind the chair reaching over the back and grabbing the front legs. With the right chair even short girls (5ft 3 or so) can reach over – if they’re too short you may need to lay down a step or 2 by 4 or something . Have them in heels (not the guys) or (preferred) on tiptoe. Guys should have no problem. While they’re grabbing the legs, cuff their hands to the top of the chair leg, right at the bottom of the seat. I usually put a few wraps around the wrists and the chair legs - that way there is almost no motion available to them. Similarly cuff their ankles to the rear chair legs, only above the rungs so they don’t have any room to roam there either and they cant accidentally (or not so accidentally) get the restraints loose.

BTW if you don’t have real leather cuffs available a quick and cheap alternative is to buy a couple of small dog collars – they fit most adults arms if you tighten them down enough, and they have a quick-release mechanism that I find useful if you need to free a sub and do a little compassionate hugging and tear wiping. Of course, you’ll get a few strange looks when you try them on in the store… A couple of carabiners or double-ended clips from Home Despot, some clothesline, and poof! instant (cheap) bondage kit. Campy, light duty, but appropriate for "advanced domestic discipline"

Next you need a belt that is just a little longer than the subs waist – if they are in the inner belt holes you may be able to use their own belt adjusted to the outer ones – otherwise you may have to buy a longer one. You want it around their waist and passed though the spindles on the back of the chair, and you want to tighten it enough that they cant move at all, but loose enough that they can still breathe OK.

When you’re done the sub is pretty much locked in position. Add panties for a gag; I use a black silk scarf as a blindfold; and earphones (or buds, if you must) with some annoying classical music, and you have a sub ready, willing(?) and anxiously awaiting whatever level of discipline you wish to apply, without having to worry about her/him moving and spoiling your aim. In addition the sub has almost no leverage against the restraints and the chair, is tensing their musles in this position, and is in an extremely vulnerable position if you want to take advantage of it. I’ve used this for caning, paddling, and strapping and it works well for me.

Papa Tom

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