Monday, December 28, 2009

MicroFantasymonday #60

Merry Christmas

We had, as always, a big family Christmas; unwrapping gifts was one of the high points of the day. From three-year-olds to octegenarians, we all sat around while the younger generation passed out cards and wrapped packages from under the tree. At the magic word "Go" everyone started unwrapping, the tearing of paper drowned out by screams of joy. I held mine in my lap and looked across the room at her, waiting for the response. As she finished unwrapping, she held it up. It was a private joke - all the women admired the antique wooden hairbrush, but only the two of us knew what it was for.

I knew when she finished reading the card by the way she looked up at me and blushed. She refused to share the card - I dont think she wanted twenty-five people to read the PS that said

"When everyone leaves tomorrow morning I'm going to turn you over my knee"

The blush turned to laughter as she watched me open my present. It was a well-oiled heavy leather belt. Perfect. It was all I could do not to fold it over and snap it. We both looked at each other smiling.

She walked over to me.

"You have to read the card"

I hadn't seen it since it was taped to the inside bottom of the box. I opened it.

"Dear Santa. I've been a very bad girl this year. I trust you'll take care of that"

I stood up and we kissed, a long passionate kiss. Since we had kids staying with us there wasn't much else we'd been able to do.

She nibbled on my ear lobe, whispering into my ear.

"Merry Christmas, Santa. Surprise."

"Ummmm. Merry Christmas to you too. And that was a lovely surprise. We'll unwrap that present tomorrow. And by the way..."

She looked up at me.


"There's a brand new cane in my closet too. I couldn't figure out how to wrap it. Surprise."


This is for MfM, put on by Ang. This week's theme was surprise. Please see for further information.


Kyle said...

oooh I like those surprises

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Goddess Helena said...

This is such a lovely and sweet short!