Monday, December 14, 2009

MicroFantasy Monday #58

Trading Places

Every month we have what we call play week. For a whole week we have different rules of engagment than normal. I feel that this keeps Annie on her toes, since I set the rules. One month, for instance, during play week she had to wait on me hand and foot. If she failed (and she couldn't help failing once in a while) I'd spank her. Another week she had to wear a French maid's outfit around the house. If she grumbled I'd spank her. I enjoyed it, of course, and she went along, generally with a good sense of humor. This was just for fun - she's not really submissive. but you'd never guess it from the way she acted sometimes.

So last week when I got home from work - she's always home an hour or so before me - there was a big note on the front door. I was surprised.

'This week it's my turn. Come in and go upstairs to the bedroom.'

I walked in and did as requested - after all fun is fun, right? I walked into the bedroom to something unexpected. My wife wasn't there - in her place was a well dressed if slightly small gentleman.

"The mustace is a nice touch," I said.

"Shush. This week I get to set the rules, and for this week we are going to change places. I'll be the guy and you'll be the girl. Including all the jobs."

"I dont think I'll be too convincing. And its not fair, since you're an actress You know how to do all that makeup and dressing and..."

I stopped and thought.

"So that means you'll take out the garbage," Damn I hate taking out the garbage.

"Uh huh. And you'll make dinner every night."

"Oh, big job."

" We'll see if you think it's that easy after a week. For the rest of this week I'm Jack and you're Jennifer. And if you screw up I give YOU the spanking for a change."

I hadn't thought about that part.

"Oh, OK... I guess"

Besides acting she also played a mean game of tennis. I decided I'd better not make any mistakes.

"Also every night to remind you of your role you'll be all dressed up."

I laughed.

"Fat chance. I haven't got anything.."

I stopped as she reached behid her and produced a stack of clothes, including underwear. Black, pink, and red. I've never worn anything but white.

"You do now. I've got you outfits enough for a week. Including..."

She reached back again and pulled out a stack of boxes.

"Heels and a wig. I cant wait to see you. To make it fair I'll help you with your makeup for the first day or two, but after that you better get it right or else."

I sighed. Obviously she had thought this out and planned it carefully.

"Come take a shower and I'll show you how to shave your legs."

Anyone watching would have laughed themselves silly at my metamorphisis into a woman. God what a lot of work. I had to shave everywhere I usually didn't, and she inspected my face and had me shave twice, once reverse,

"I spent some time on a couple of web sites for cross-dressers," she giggled. He giggled, actually.

After more than an hour my makeup and clothes were to her satisfaction. I was reminded that I would come up and do this every night.

"What, I don't have to go to work like this?" At times like this my sarcasm creeps out.

"No..." She paused for a second. "But I think you should wear pantyhose under your slacks. And that's the last time for sarcastic remarks."

She walked over to "our" vanity and picked up her antique ebony hairbrush.

"Do you want to find out how this feels now, young lady?"

I was quiet. Very quiet. I didn't. I shook my head.

"Then let's mind our mouth. Come on, time to go downstairs and fix dinner"

We walked down the stairs, me balanced precariously and holding firmly onto the handrail. I've always loved the sound of heels clicking on the floor; I thought it sensual. It's a lot different when they're your's, I discovered. I walked through the kitchen, unfamiliar territory to me. I started looking through the refrigerator.

"I'll expect a delicious dinner in, oh... half an hour, OK?"

It was a line I'd used on her more than once. The next sentance was "or you'll get a spanking." She didn't say it; she just looked at me and smiled. But she knew I knew. She walked into the living room. A few seconds later I heard the TV go on. I turned back to the refrigerator and tried to remember something she had made before. I was getting more and more panicky. I couldn't think of anything. I looked through the freezer and found frozen corn, and a package of meatballs. I needed one more thing. I took both packages out and tried looking though the cupboard. I was getting desparate. Finally I saw a box of Bisquick. I could make biscuits. That I knew how to do.

"You might want to put on an apron to keep that dress clean. I'd hate to have to pay a dry cleaner. You'd really be in trouble then" The voice came from the living room.

I couldn't think of anything to put on the meatballs, so I just put them and the corn in the microwave. I made some stupid mistake with the biscuit dough, and they burned a little. Just on the bottom, though. Suddenly I realized I needed to set the table. I ran around like crazy trying to get everything together. Finally I called "him" for dinner. I sat there nervously, hoping "he" didn't get mad at me.

"I don't see a salad. or anything to drink either." The voice sounded harsh. "I'll let you slide with a poorly planned and presented meal today, but that's it. Tomorrow it's decent or else."

I got up quickly and opened a beer, served it.

"Next time use a glass"

It was hard not to slip into the mindset of trying not to make "him" mad.

"I'm sorry"

I stood back up and got one out of the cupboard, poured the beer.

After forever passed in small talk about the day, dinner was finally over. I felt relieved. I was sure I was going to get spanked for something. I followed him into the living room. For the next few hours we watched TV together. I cuddled up to him. He, of course, selected all the programs. Finally he switched off the TV and we headed up to bed. It felt funny to put on a nightie instead of pajamas; I do have to admit that the silky feeling all over my body felt sensual, in a very unusual way. Perhaps the fact that my skin was now shaved made a difference, I don't know. All I know was that I felt aroused, but not like usual at all. I wasn't hard - it was much more an internal thing. He came in from the bathroom in pajamas, men's panamas. They fit well, and he looked good in them. He walked over to the vanity and sat down, reaching behind to get the hairbrush.

"Come over here, young lady"

I walked over. This was different too. I knew I'd made mistakes, and I wouldn't blame him for spanking me. It was a really strange feeling, one I'd never had before.

"I was going to let you slide on dinner - I told you that. But I never heard the table being cleared, and I never heard dishes being done. Those are two jobs you failed to do tonight. What happens when you fail to do a job?"

I was startled. I suddenly realized the she did do that every night. I coudn't look him in the eyes, and I found it hard to answer. Finally I stammered it out.

"G-G-Get a spanking"

"Get over my knee"

I dropped over, arms stiff against the floor. I found myself with strange thoughts, feminine thoughts I'd always considered them, of weakness and submission. Even more when I felt my nightie slide up my thighs. When my panties were pulled down and I felt the chill of the night air I started to shiver, as much from fear as from cold.

"Why are you being spanked Jennifer?"

My throat was dry and it was very hard to answer.

"Didn't get the dinner chores done."

"That's right."

I heard the sound of a loud slap and felt intense pain. I'd never felt anything like that. It hurt. The spanking went on for a long time, and every swat hurt, hurt intensely. I was losing control, and I felt tears welling up. I couldn't help it. Finally he stopped and I stood up. I pulled up my underwear and smoothed down my nightie. It continued to hurt even when I stood there with both hands rubbing my behind.

"Am I going to have to do this again?"

I shook my head, trying not to cry. THAT would be all I needed. He got in bed, as did I. A few seconds later I was lying there in the dark, my ass on fire, trying to cope with my feelings. It was hard to let go of everything I'd ever felt of masculinity, but it seemed to be happening whether I liked it or not. I'd just gotten in trouble and I'd been punished for it by someone I loved. Even if it was ... role playing, I suppose ... some part of me had found some feminine area I didn't know was there. I rolled over and the pain spiked as I did. I couldn't help it. I started bawling, amazed. I hadn't cried since I was six.

I felt arms around me, a soft voice whispering in my ear, comforting me. It took a long time.

In the morning I ran downstairs to take care of the kitchen chores before I left. I came back and both of us were reverting to our daytime persona, she in her dress and me in my suit. Except I had pantyhose on underneath. I hoped I didn't get in an accident.

The game went on for the next week. I struggled with feelings of femininity all week, trying to reconcile how I'd been raised with how I felt. I never found an answer I felt good about. I got spanked two more times, and he was playing fair. I really did make mistakes and I did deserve both of them. We spent all the time outside of work in our new roles, and it somehow fit both of us. We never did talk much about it - it was kind of like one long play. I was beginning to see what she liked about acting.

It seemed no time until it was Monday. Play week was over at the end of the day; we would revert to normal. I was startled when I got home and there was another note on the door.

"Come up to the bedroom"

That's all it said. I came up and she was sitting on the edge of the bed, much as she'd done last week.

"I know we havn't talked about this at all. How did you feel about play week?"

It took me a long time to answer, and she just let me talk.

"I don't know exactly why, but it changed something inside me. I keep having these feelings I've always thought soft and feminine, weak. I've never been weak in my life, I've never felt the slightest bit female, but you've done something... well, not you, I guess, this experience has done something to me I'm not at all sure about. It's tapped into feelings I didn't know I had. I... I really dont know where to go with this or what to do about it."

The whole time she was silent, nodding her head occasionally as I spoke.

When I stopped she looked at me.

"Yes, it's definitely changed you, I could see you becoming more feminine every day. It really is a change for the better, in some ways."

I was still unsure of a lot. Finally I asked her

"How about you?"

She smiled.

"I enjoyed it very, very much. And so, I have an offer for you."

I looked at her, not knowing where this was going to go.

"I have another week's outfits for you..."

She reached behind her and produced another stack of clothes.

"... And I bought you another pair of heels. I think you'll like them. It's up to you if you want to continue. I've really enjoyed it, and I really like what you've turned into. To be honest, you are a delightful and feminine woman to be around. It would please me very much, but it is your decision. If you come down dressed and start dinner, we'll continue. Otherwise I'll come back up here and change my clothes and we'll go back to the way we were."

She left the room; downstairs I heard the sound of her wingtips cross the kitchen to the living room. I looked through the new stack of clothes.

You know, the sound of clicking heels when you walk across the kitchen does sound kind of sensual when you think of it.


Thanks to Ang at - she always comes up with such interesting themes. This week the theme is role reversal. Above is my entry. It probably isnt micro by Ang's usual standards, but then compared the the 79,000 words I've got in the novel it is becoming micro by my standards.


Goddess Aphrodite said...

Wow! Absolutely love how you got into the feelings of the man and expressed them so well. I could imagine it all just as the story said. This took some real thought...and perhaps more... :)

Tom said...

Thank you - it was an interesting exercise and an excellent thought-provoking theme.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting. I like the peek into his mind as the situation unfolds ... and the last sentence is great. ^_^

Tom said...

Yes, to me the whole thing about role reversal is the head trip, not the physical stuff. I was trying to bring that out, so I'm glad that made it through; and thanks for the comment.

Kyle said...

Tom.. what I did in the short form you rocked in the long form and I applaud you. Ang really got us all going with this theme. Even though everyone took a similar tack, the results are wonderfully different.

Nicely done.

PapaTom said...

I liked what you did with the threat to be taken "out"; also you were much ore sensual and specific than I about dress, a description which I always find incredibly sexy. I was, as noted above, much more focussed on the head trip.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for the comment